2017 Welcome Message from the Executive Director

Dear New Head of School,

On behalf of all our member schools, the board of trustees, and our office staff I want to welcome you to EARCOS. We have loads of PD opportunities and support from our office and colleagues around the region. Please don’t hesitate to ask for information or help. We are here to support you and your school. There are 31 new heads of schools this year. [read more]




ET Journal Fall Issue 2017

The ET Journal is a triannual publication of the East Asia Regional Council of Schools(EARCOS), a nonprofit 501(C)3, incorporat- ed in the state of Delaware, USA, with a regional office in Manila, Philippines.

Featured in this Issue
- EdThought
- Curriculum Initiative
- Student Writing
- Green & Sustainable
- Campus Development
- Service Learning
- Action Research
- Campus Development
- Community Service
- Elementary School Art


This is EARCOS!




  • The Margaret Sanders Scholarship

    This year, AAIE has assumed administrative responsibility for the scholarship process. Each EARCOS school is invited to submit ONE application to AAIE for this scholarship. AAIE will in turn forward applications from EARCOS schools to the EARCOS office for selection of one application to submit to AAIE. If any of your students are interested, the application must be received by AAIE by November 15, 2017. [Click here]

  • Approved EARCOS Professional Learning Weekend SY2017-2018.

    One of the services EARCOS provides to its member schools throughout the year is the sponsorship of two-day workshops and institutes for faculty and administration. [read more]


    Global Math Week is October 10-17, 2017. Join ONE MILLION students, teachers, math leaders, and adults from around the globe in an astounding mathematical experience! [read more]

  • Margaret Sanders 2017 Scholarship Winner.

    We are happy to announce that Chloe Aung from Yangon International School is our winner for the 2017 Margaret Sanders Scholarship Award. All of us in the EARCOS office and region are proud of her accomplishments and recognition.

  • Free Neil and Ferdi

    We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the support we have received from so many members of EARCOS and international school teachers across the globe. We feel fortunate to be part of such a strong and caring community. [read more]
  • Non EARCOS sponsored Professional Development (PD) in the Region.

    In keeping with the EARCOS Strategic Plan C to "Develop collaborative educational partnerships within the region as well as worldwide to foster greater access to expertise," we offer the following PD opportunities not sponsored by EARCOS. [read more]

  • List of Global Citizenship Awardees SY2017.

    This award is presented to a student who embraces the qualities of a global citizen. This student is a proud representative of his/her nation while respectful of the diversity of other nations, has an open mind, is well informed, aware and empathetic, concerned and caring for others encouraging a sense of community and strongly committed to engagement and action to make the world a better place. [read more].