EARCOS Strategic Plan

(Revised April 5, 2018)

EARCOS Mission

EARCOS inspires adult and student learning through its leadership and service and fosters intercultural understanding, global citizenship, and exceptional educational practices within our learning community.


To support the EARCOS mission we will:

- Provide targeted and differentiated professional development opportunities for member communities.
- Engage adults and students in learning activities across the region that will promote friendship, understanding, and global citizenship.
- Develop collaborative educational partnerships within the region as well as worldwide to foster greater access to expertise.
- Connect schools, communities, and individuals through the use of technology to promote collaboration, communication, intercultural understanding, and access to broader educational opportunities.
- Conduct and communicate research and archive relevant data to identify and enhance exceptional educational practices.

In accomplishing its mission and vision, EARCOS will play a prominent leadership role throughout the global educational community.

Strategies and List of Results

Provide specific targeted and differentiated professional development opportunities for various member communities.

A.1 The page added to the EARCOS website to advertise non-EARCOS sponsored workshops continues to be active.

EARCOS supported the high school GIN Conference held January 19-21, 2018. The Executive Director attended the conference held at Concordia International School Shanghai. The Assistant Director attended the middle school GIN conference held at Canggu Community School in Bali from March 2-4, 2018. Host schools are being solicited for future GIN conferences. The executive director attended the ACAMIS conference, which was held at Nanjing International School.

EARCOS continues to offer space during the ELC for meetings of various regional organizations such as APAC, IASAS, MRISA, etc.

EARCOS will again provide space for an IB Pre-conference workshop at the ELC 2018 and expects, as in past conferences, that the pre-conference will be fully subscribed.

EARCOS again provided space and logistical support for two AP courses held in at the ETC in March, 2018 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok.

Fifty EARCOS-sponsored Professional Learning Weekend Workshops (PLWW) were conducted with two remaining in this school year’s schedule. The 2018-19 PLWW proposals are currently being reviewed and the proposal numbers appear similar to past years. Financial support at $3500 per WW remains the allocation amount.

EARCOS continues to provide logistical support for the University of San Francisco and Washington State University, “International School Leadership Program” at both ELC and ETC.

EARCOS-CIS joint Institute on Higher Education Admission & Guidance was successfully conducted for the third consecutive year from September 22-23, 2017. This year’s conference saw nearly 50 workshop proposals, from which 45 were chosen and delivered at this, now, annual conference. The Institute registered nearly 400 university and counselor participants and the student fair, which included parents, exceeded 1200 attendees. The 2017 conference was scheduled earlier to avoid SAT test administration dates. The Institute will again be held in Bangkok from September 21-22, 2018.

EARCOS financially supported the Southeast Asian Primary Administrators’ Conference (SEAPAC), which was hosted at Canggu Community School in Bali in March 2017.

The EARCOS Leadership Mentoring (ELM) inaugural cohort and a second group of EARCOS mentors and mentees completed the online ELM orientation. Matching of four ELM pairs occured in January, 2018 and these pairs are currently engaged in mentoring relationships. A third cohort has formed to participate in an April thru June online ELM orientation and will join a total of thirty overall participants. The entire group will be available for placement into a mentoring relationship at the beginning of the 2018/19 school year.

Engage students and adults in learning activities across the region that will foster friendship, understanding, and global citizenship.

B.1 EARCOS continues to support the excellent work of the annual Global Issues Network Conference and the EARCOS executive or assistant director assures a presence at annual MS/HS rotating regional conferences.

B.2 Students from 92 member schools were recognized as Global Citizens in the spring. Six of these Global Citizens were selected to receive a Global Citizen Community Service Grant of $500.

B.3 EARCOS makes sustained efforts to recognize the important work of the Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA) by assisting them with infrastructure support. EARCOS serves as the fiscal repository for SENIA’s annual conferences. All EARCOS schools were asked to designate a SENIA representative and these individuals are now listed in the EARCOS Member Directory and collaborate with the SENIA Board to recommend conference consultants. The 2018 SENIA Conference was held jointly with the EARCOS Teachers Conference from March 29-31 at the Shangri-La Hotel. Over 1200 delegates were in attendance.

Develop collaborative educational partnerships within the region as well as worldwide to foster access to expertise.

C.1 EARCOS supports the work of the College Board and its AP classes as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) by providing space and logistical support for workshops at both the ETC and the ELC.

C.2 EARCOS continues to collaborate with WASC and annually partners with the WASC associate executive director to conduct training workshops for visiting committee members and aspiring committee chairpersons at the ELC and the ETC.

C.3 EARCOS continues to collaborate with ACAMIS in supporting the Learning 2.0 conferences. The executive director attended the ACAMIS annual conference in Shanghai in March 2017 and the Learning 2.0 Conference in November, held at the Puxi Campus of Shanghai American School.

C.4 Space is consistently provided for one IB workshop at the yearly ELC conference and, now at the ETC.

C.5 The Executive Director meets yearly with the other regional directors and the State Department Officers of Overseas Schools.

C.6 EARCOS-CIS joint institute on higher education admission was successfully conducted in September 2017. *See A8 for more detail.

C.7 The Executive Director regularly attends regional professional development conferences to enhance and strengthen partnerships, e.g. TAISI, ACAMIS, L2.0, AAIE, etc.

C.8 The executive director’s visitations to schools seeking EARCOS membership and participation in regional conferences provided opportunities to visit over 35 schools in the past year.

C.9 The number of EARCOS member schools has grown by 13 in the past two years and currently stands at 160. Additionally, there are 158 Associate members and 42 individual members.

Connect schools, communities, and individuals through the use of effective latest technologies to promote collaboration, intercultural understanding and access to broader educational opportunities.

D.1 The EARCOS- or E-Connect blog site was inaugurated in October 2011. Since then over 2500 blog postings, articles, and videos have been posted on the site. The blog is linked to the EARCOS Twitter and Facebook accounts, so that each blog posting generates a message on these two social networks.

D.2 Three years ago Google initiated a new feature on Google+ called Communities. EARCOS created a private EARCOS Community. This allows for the sharing of articles, videos, and discussions among members of the community. The EARCOS Google+ Community currently includes 750 members and the EARCOS Circle boasts almost 3200 connected professionals.

D.3 The EARCOS “Triannual Journal” online version is now enhanced to include an interactive social media feature permitting reader posts and direct connectivity with Google+ Community, Twitter and Facebook followers. ET includes an added feature called the “Reader’s Corner”, which provides a opportunity to publish titles of books recently read by EARCOS members with a brief recommendation of its usefulness to learning leaders in the region.

D.4 Zoom software has been added to the EARCOS software suite and used to enhance conferencing by permitting unrestricted screen share options for all member schools. It is proving a valuable tool for expanded online conferencing.

D.5 Recent aims to provide easier connectivity to frequently used data and retrieval of such data from online storage resulted in the production of additional relational data bases, which members now access through Google forms. These newly established access portals now directly support: notices for Global Citizen Awards, Community Service Grant applications; EARCOS-CIS Institute workshop proposals; forthcoming EARCOS Leadership Mentoring applications; New Member Application process; and Speaker/Presenter Recommendations forms.

Conduct relevant research and communicate resulting data to identify and enhance exceptional educational practices.

E.1 EARCOS funded (5) action research proposals, which were submitted for the 2017/18 school year. Final reports from these projects are published in the ET Journal and the researchers are invited to present at a future ETC.

E.2 Surveys following each conference continue to inform conference planning.

E.3 Data relative to attendance at each workshop and event during EARCOS conferences is maintained and utilized in planning future conferences.

E.4 The executive director continues to receive requests to serve on doctoral students’ Program of Study Committees and he accepts one or two committee invitations per year. EARCOS receives many other requests to provide access to its members for research and the executive director carefully reviews each request before distribution to the membership. EARCOS, to extent possible, publishes in ET and online (via EARCOS website) relevant data summaries, as press releases.

Core Value

EARCOS believes:

- All individuals have intrinsic worth; their dignity and value are enhanced when they are honored and nourished.
- Diverse and inclusive communities nurture the well-being and growth of individuals and organizations.
- Learning is continuous and essential for individual growth and the advancement of society.
- Individuals and communities have the need and capacity to learn and grow.
- Individuals and communities are responsible for helping, supporting and serving others.
- Individuals and communities are responsible for stewardship of the natural environment.
- Individuals and communities are responsible for the choices they make.
- Integrity, honesty and striving for excellence are essential to our purpose.


A. All member schools use EARCOS as their primary resource for the professional development of their learning community.
B. EARCOS activities positively impact intercultural understanding.
C. EARCOS programs and services strive to strengthen international mindedness and endeavor to recognize the global citizenship of member educators and the students they serve.
D. EARCOS will remains nimble and flexible to assure the professional development programs and services consistently meet the high standards of its membership and the ever-changing professional educational environment.