48th EARCOS Leadership Conference 2016

Keynote speaker Sir John Jones.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ruby Payne.

Shelly Luke Willie, Head of School at Chadwick International School on Leadership Stories.

Steve Cathers, Director at Korea International School on Leadership Stories.

Tim Carr, head of school at Jakarta Intercultural School with Elsa Donohue on Leadership Stories.

Dr. Larry Hobdell, Regional Officer, Office of Overseas Schools, U.S. Department of State welcoming the delegates.

Dick Krajczar, Executive Director with Assistant Director Dr. Joe Petrone at Shangri-La Grand Ballroom.

Dr. Margaret Alvarez, EARCOS President, head of school at ISS International School with Liz Duffy, President, International Schools Services(ISS)

Over 1,100 delegates attended the first day of conference.

Tarek Razik, EARCOS Board, Head of School, International School of Beijing.

Opening performance by International School of Kuala Lumpur Musicians led by Jaymin Baird, Vince Cee, Dan Miles, and Thara- Malaysian Cultural Club (MyClub) Advisor.

Second day opening performance by Garden International School Students led by Mr. John Long performing Latin Express.

Third day opening performance by Mont'Kiara International School Musical Showcase led by Mindy Ruskovich performing Dinosaurs by Daniel Bukvich.

Workshop session

Delegates have the opportunity to participate in the cultural dance with the Malaysian Cultural Dancers.

A very good atmosphere for discussion during the coffee break.

Dr. Harlan Lyso former EARCOS president and it was his 37th EARCOS Leadership Conference.

Workshop session.

Workshop session.

Special thanks to Tiecare International for sponsoring the Welcome Reception.

Special thanks to SEARCH Associates for sponsoring the Closing Reception.

L-R Jenny Chiang, Vitz Baltero, Elaine Repatacodo, Robert Viray, EdzeL Drilo, Dr. K, and Ver Castro.

Dr.K with Kendall Zoller.






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