Team EARCOS Climb Mt. Kinabalu

Team EARCOS ready to climb Mt. Kinabalu. (Sitting) Dr. K, Mary Petrone, Ver Castro, (Standing) Dr. Joe Petrone, Edzel Drilo, and Robert Viray.

At Mt. Kinabalu National Park getting ready for the first stage of the climb.

with our guide Lucius Luck preparing us for a short briefing of what we are gonna expect along the way.

Early stage of the climb at .50KM at 1,935 MASL.

Dr. K heading to 1.5KM at 2,164 MASL.

With our mountain guide Julius tailing Dr. Joe, Dr. K, and Edzel are heading to KM3 at 2,455 MASL. rain starts pouring and the condition in the mountain becomes very difficult specially the difficulty of the trails and stairs.

Dr. K decided not to go further due to unseasonably heavy rains and a rapid heartbeat.

at 2,700+ MASL Dr. Joe decided no to go further as the condition in the mountain becomes unbearable together with Mary Petrone their mountain guide, Julius guide them back to Timpohon Gate.

Three EARCOS staff made it to the Summit. Ver Castro, Robert Viray, and Edzel Drilo. Temperature is 2°C.

Robert Viray

Ver Castro holding the EARCOS banner at the summit of Mt. Kinabalu at 4,095 MASL.




Updated Friday, April 7, 2017 2:55 PM