Affiliate Member School - Punahou School Hawaii

L-R Ms. Kitty Wo Board Chair at Punahou, Dr. K, Debbie Berger Trustee and Dr. James Scott President of Punahou.

Chia Reddy of Punahou organised the visit to the school. 

Becca Kesler, Belle Murashige, and Lori Ambrosewicz. Early Childhood team at Punahou.

Ms. Hope McCarren the daughter of Upper school Principal Emily. What a lovely young lady!

James Kakos Athletic/Activities Director.

Paula Hodges (Academy Assistant Principal), Jadie Geil, Nick Kapule, Wendi Kamiya (Information Technology, CIO), Ke'alohi Reppun (Co-Director Kuaihelani Hawaiian Learning Center), Lorelei Saito (7th grade Social Studies), and Todd Chow-Hoy (Junior School Assistant Principal)

Mark Maretzki (Academy English) Dan Kinzer (Academy English and Co-Director Luke Center)

Punahou School Library.

Pauahi Hall.

Mamiya Science Center Star Compass Mosaic.



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