St. Mary's International School Graduation

Dr. K participating in the "Senior March" at St. Mary's International School celebrating their graduation.

Dr. K with part of the Junior Class graduation decorating team.

Dr. K with parent of the Senior Class of St. Mary's International School.

Dr. K, Mrs. Kikuko Nomo, Mr. Hideo Nomo, and Yoshitaka Nomo. Yoshitaka Nomo's father Mr. Hideo became the first Japanese citizen to join an American major league team in 1995. The LA Dodgers and Red Soxs!

L-R Sab Kagei Headmaster of St Mary’s recognizing Brother Joseph for 11 years of service who will be returning to Uganda.

Coach Moodie long serving swim coach at St. Mary’s International School

Coach Moodie’s swim team on last day of practice for the year.




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