Visit to St. Mary's International School and Seisen International School

Colette Rogers, Dr. K, and Steve Tierney.

Dr. K and Mr. Masahiro Kubo


Visit to Seisen International School

Dr. K, Sr. Asuncion (A young 96 years old and former Head of Seisen Int School), Sr. Concesa, former head of Seisen Int School and Current Head of SIS, Colette Rogers.

Dr. K, Sr. Asuncion (Seated.. Former Head of Seisen Int School), Sr. Concesa, Sab Kagei Headmaster at St Marys Internatinal School.


JCIS Meeting in Tohoku International School, Sendai

James Steward hosted the recent Japan Council of International Schools(JCIS) Meeting 2017 at Tohoku International School, Sendai.



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