HS GIN 2018 Concordia International School Shanghai

CISS HSGIN team who hosted.

Seisen International School delegation with Kim Phuc at the High School GIN Conference 2018.

Kim Phuc with students, students, students!

Peter Dalglish with two students.

L-R Marie-Christine Nibagwire(Survivor 1984 Rwandan Genocide), Ishmael Beah (Author “Boy Soldier”), Kim Phuc (Napalm girl), and GIN Asia organizer.

Brent Baguio team.

Chinese Drummers welcome GIN and Model UN students.

1500 GIN and Model UN At CISS.

NGO Year 12 Malati and her Year 10  sister Isabel Wijsen open GIN With No more plastic movement.

EARCOS Global Citizen Grant awardee Helen Zhang.





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