EARCOS Leadership Mentorship (ELM)

The EARCOS Leadership Mentoring (ELM) initiative is enjoying the benefits of pilot cohort members’ reflections and improvement suggestions. These volunteer members have been engaged throughout the recent long holiday break. Cohort members completed either a mentor or mentee application in May 2017 and continue to work through eight common language modules (CLM), which were delivered via an online platform and opened for enrollment in mid-June 2017.  EARCOS gratefully recognizes the commitment of these cohort members and warmly extends gratitude to each of them for participating during the long summer/winter holiday. 

Pilot cohort reflections and improvement suggestions for all aspects of our new member service have been well received and predicts enhanced quality for those EARCOS members, who wish to join the ranks of ELM mentors and mentees. And, the meaningful feedback continues, as cohort members are completing the final stages of the online CLM. More formal avenues for cohort members to offer reflections will include a survey and individual interviews.  The results from this data gathering will be studied to assure relevant content in the CLM and usefulness of the application process for subsequent matching of mentors with mentees.

EARCOS anticipates a formal launch of this new member service immediately following the 2017 EARCOS Leadership Conference, as applications for prospective mentors and mentees will be opened to EARCOS members at this time. Following the two-week application window (29 October – 11 November), those completing an application will be invited to join the inaugural CLM cohort, which is scheduled for 12 November through 06 January 2018.

Those interested in learning more about ELM, or certain that they wish to eventually join fellow EARCOS school leaders (mentors) and aspiring leaders (mentees) are asked to access this link (http://www.earcos.org/elm_application.php), which leads you to the series of articles published in three consecutive EARCOS Triannuals published during the 2016/17 school year. Also, at this link you will find additional details about this new member service.

Dr. Joe Petrone
EARCOS Consultant