Teacher Representative Materials

Selecting a teacher representative: It is up to each school to decide how to choose the ETC teacher rep. In some schools, he or she is elected—in others it is by appointment or on a volunteer basis. The EARCOS office will communicate with only one TR from each school, although some of the bigger schools may need two or more to assist with in-house responsibilities associated with workshop proposals, conference registrations, group airline reservations, etc. Schools should ensure that the designated TR is a teacher who plans to attend ETC in March. It is very important that teacher reps correspond with the EARCOS office (usually via email) and that they respond to messages from EARCOS regarding the conference.


Handbook of Guidelines for EARCOS Teacher Representatives

» Download TR Handook

» Download David Sousa Article “Primacy Recency Effect”

» Download Teacher Workshop Proposal Form for ETC2018


Job-Alike for ETC2017

Job-Alikes are a very important feature of the EARCOS Teachers’ Conference. They provide an opportunity for educators in similar positions to share their perspectives on practices and issues faced by international teachers in their pursuit of excellence.

» Download Job-Alike for ETC2017


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