Partial list of Approved Weekend Workshops for SY2016-2017

One of the services EARCOS provides to its member schools throughout the year is the sponsorship of two-day workshops and institutes for faculty and administration. The topics for these workshops are determined according to the needs of members. Workshops are hosted by EARCOS schools.



Jan. 28-29
Ruamrudee International School

Title: Foundations in Math: Developing Mathematical Thinking and Conceptual Understanding in Grades Kg-5
Consultant: Sara Garrett
Coordinator: Madeleine Bystrom,
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Jan. 21-22
The International School Yangon

Title: Re-Envisioning World Languages for 21st Century Learners
Consultant: Greg Duncan
Coordinator: Laurie Ransom,
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Feb. 18-19
Intercultural School of Bogor

Title: Making Sense of Spelling: An Orthographic Journey
Consultant: Lynette Anderson
Coordinator: Michael Robertson,
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Feb. 25-26
American International School of Guangzhou

Title: Engaging Adolescent Readers and Writers
Consultant: Penny Kittle
Coordinator: Jill Watson,
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Feb. 25-26
Thai-Chinese International School

Title: Teaching the i-Student at International Schools: Intergrating Media and Technology into Chinese Classroom
Consultant: Liang-Kuang Chen (Kevin)
Coordinator: Yi-Ling Chu,
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Feb. 25-26
Bandung Independent School

Title: “Supporting the Needs of English Language Learners”
Consultant: Kath Upshall
Coordinator: Mary Collins,
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Mar. 3-5
Singapore American School

Middle School Leadership Conference 2017
Coordinator: Lauren Mehrbach,

Mar. 2-5
Chadwick International

Title: Teacher Leadership in the 21st Century
Consultant: Maxine Driscoll
Coordinator: Marieke Van Lankvelt,
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Mar. 4-5
Tokyo International School (Registration Full)

Title: Building Learning ‘Assets’ Through Inquiry
Consultant: Kath Murdoch
Coordinator: Stacey Isomura,
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Mar. 11-12
Phuket International Academy School

Title: Differentiation and assessment strategies for ESOL learners within the classroom from K - 12
Consultant: Virginia Rojas
Coordinator: Justine Olsen,
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Mar. 11-12
Jakarta Intercultural School
Title: Inquiry Mathematics: Research Based Strategies to Improve Student Learning
Consultant: Mignon Weckert
Coordinator: Rosie Upson,
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Mar. 18-19
The International School Yangon

Title: Effective Strategies for the Instructional Leader
Consultant: Deron Marvin
Coordinator: Laurie Ransom,
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Mar. 25-26
Brent International School Manila

Title: Empowering Learners Through Assessment
Consultant: Bambi Betts
Coordinator: Rev. Charles Mock,
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Apr 8-9
Canadian Academy, Kobe, Jap
Title: Cultures of Thinking (Harvard Project Zero)
Consultant: Ron Ritchart
Coordinator: Stephen Taylo,
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Apr. 21-22
Concordia International School Hanoi and UNIS

Title: EAL Students and Blended Learning
Consultant: Virginia Rojas
Coordinator: Sharon L. Voss and Susan Cieslak,
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ES Principal

Canggu Community School
Coordinator: Sarah Wirawan,

MS Leadership Conference

Singapore American School
Coordinator: Lauren Mehrbach,




August 27-28
Brent International School Subic

Title: Collaborative Skills and Practices To Enhance Student Learning: A Tool for Setting up PLC's and Traning Middle Level Leaders
Consultant: Margaret Maclean
Coordinator: Lianne Dominguez,
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Sept. 2-3
Concordia International School Hanoi

Title: Using Reading and Writing Workshop (TCRWP) to Improve Literacy Instruction
Consultant: Kasey Perry
Coordinator: Kristin Kappelmann,

Sept. 3
Nagoya International School

Title: Collaborative Skills and Practices to Enhance Student Learning
Consultant: Margaret McLean
Coordinator: Luci Willis,
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Sept. 3-4
Hong Kong Academy

Title: Developing Opportunities for Action within the Curriculum
Consultant: Peter Muir
Coordinator: Kitty Lau,
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Sept. 9-10
Morrison Academy

Title: Practical Strategies for Making Math Truly Work for All Students: A two-day workshop for teachers of mathematics in grades 4-8
Consultant: Steve Leinwand
Coordinator: Missy Basnett,
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Sept. 10-11
International School Eastern Seaboard (ISE)

Title: “From Basics to Blastoff” Getting started with Reader’s Workshop
Consultant: Scott Riley and Anne Marie Chow
Coordinator: Kristen Knudsen,
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Sept. 10-11
Wells International School

Title: Compass Education for Sustainability
Consultant: Hsin Yi Chen
Coordinator: Ray De La Pena,

Sept. 10-11
Kaohsiung American School

Title: ELL in the Mainstream Classroom
Consultant: Eric Smith
Coordinator: Carmen Peters,

Sept. 16-17
Taipei American School

Title: Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Bringing Great Ideas From School to Life
Consultant: Anthony Ives, Matthew Fagen, and Leanne Rainbow
Coordinator: Peter Kimball,
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Sept. 24-25
Hong Kong International School

Title: Reimagining Science & Engineering with NGSS & 3 Dimensional Learning
Consultant: Wendy Smith,
Coordinator: Don Drake,
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Sept. 24-25
Suzhou Singapore International School

Title: Literacy across the curriculum: Every Teacher is a Language Teacher
Consultant: Renee Rehfeldt and Richard Bruford
Coordinator: Renee Rehfeldt,
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Sept. 24-25
Xiamen International
Title: Collaborative Skills and Practices to Enhance Student Learning
Consultant: Margaret MacLean
Coordinator: Peter Burnside,
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Oct. 1-2
United World College of South East Asia

Title: Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom
Consultant: Sarah Whyte
Coordinator: Caroline Meek,

Oct. 8-9
American School in Taichung

Title: Curriculum Development: How can our planning enhance our teaching?
Consultant: Rami Madani
Coordinator: Annie Tung,
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Oct. 8-9
Busan International Foreign School

Title: Hiring the Best Teachers
Consultant: James Stronge
Coordinator: Leda Cedo,
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Oct. 15-16
Brent International School Manila

Title: Solving the Assessment Puzzle: Making Assessment Understandable for All
Consultant: Carolyn Coil
Coordinator: Rev. Charles Mock,
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Oct. 22-23
United Nations International School - Hanoi

Title: “Building students’ agency, self-advocacy and their ability to take responsibility for their own learning.”
Consultant: Dr. Fran Prolman
Coordinator: Megan Brazil,
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Oct. 22-23
The American School in Japan

Title: Kinesthetic Classroom Workshop
Consultant: Michael Kuczala
Coordinator: Paul Oneill,
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Oct. 29-30
International School Beijing

Consultant: Tania Lattanzio
Title: Moving from Traditional Pedagogy to Inquiry
Coordinator: Stacy Stephens,
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Nov. 5-6
Bali Island School

Title: Management 101 - A Practical Approach
Consultant: Deidre Fischer
Coordinator: Gary Brown,
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Nov. 5-6
Mont Kiara International School

Title: Teaching, Learning, and Assessing the Common Core Social Studies Nonfiction Literacy Standards
Consultant: Robert Pierce, Ph.D.
Coordinator: Paul Henderson,
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Nov. 12-13
Seisen International School

Title: Going Deeper with Social Media in Teaching and Learning
Consultant: Alec Couros (
Coordinator: Nate Gildart,
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Nov. 12-13
Taipei American School

Title: Circle Painting - Putting the A in STEAM
Consultant: Hiep Nguyen
Coordinator: Peter Kimball,
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Nov. 12-13
International School Bangkok

Title: Understanding by Design
Consultant: Elizabeth Rossini Ph.D.
Coordinator: Elizabeth Rossini,
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Nov. 12-13
International School Manila

Title: Essential of Writing Workshop in K-6 Classrooms
Consultant: Matt Glover
Coordinator: Sam Cook,
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Nov. 14-20
Western Academy Beijing

Title: Thinking Collaborative Adaptive Schools Training (Days 1-4)
Coordinator: Holly Bowen Reardon,
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Nov. 22-24
Chiang Mai International School

Title:Focus, Coherence, and Rigor in Mathematics Workshop
Consultant:Melissa Hosten
Coordinator: Chris Capadona,
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Nov. 26-27
The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Title: Tough Conversations. Managing Ourselves - Supporting Others
Consultant: Rob Whiting
Coordinator: Rami Madani,