51st EARCOS Leadership Conference 2019

Theme: "Nurturing Growth and Building Relevance"

The 51st annual EARCOS Leadership Conference was held at the beautiful Sutera Harbour Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia from October 31 to November 2, 2019. This year’s conference, presided over by our new Executive Director, Dr. Edward Greene attracted nearly 1,200 school board trustees, heads of school, principals, directors of learning, athletic directors, business managers and admission directors from the EARCOS region and around the world.

Opening remarks by Dr. Margaret Alvarez EARCOS board president and head of school at
ISS International School Singapore.

EARCOS executive director Dr. Edward E. Greene welcomes the 1,000+ delegates to the 51st EARCOS
Leadership Conference at the Grand Ballroom of Sutera Harbour Resort Hotel.

Dr. Edward E. Greene acknowledge the presence of EARCOS Board of Trustees.

1,000+ delegates were present on the first day of conference.

Video was played remembering Dr. Richard Krajczar or better known as DR.K!

Brent International School Headmaster Jason Atkins with Director of IT Roehl Castaneda received the award from
Dr. Margaret Alvarez, EARCOS board president, the first Dr. Richard T. Krajczar Humanitarian Award.

The Richard T. Krajczar Annual Humanitarian Award.

Keynote Speaker Graham Brown-Martin on Learning Innovation in an Era of Exponential Change.

(middle) Dr. Lawrence A. Hobdell, U.S. Department of State Regional Education Officer,
East Asia Pacific attending the workshop on Combating the Overseas Sexual Exploitation of Children with
Ryan Foreman and Jospeh Fonseca.

Workshop session.

Harvey Alvy workshop on "The Life of New Principals: Challenges Faced and Tips to Succeed".

Mark Tomaszewski President, TieCare International greeted the new EARCOS executive director Dr. Edward Greene.
TieCare International has been a sponsor for more than 8 years.

Cultural dance performance at the Welcome reception sponsored by TIECARE INTERNATIONAL.

Delegates participates to do the bamboo dance.

Second Day opening remarks by Stephen Cathers, Vice-President and head of school at International School Suva.

Keynote speaker Carlene Firmin speaks about how to "Build a contextual response to peer-on-peer abuse in schools".

Third day opening remarks by Andrew Davies, Treasurer and head of school at International School Bangkok.

BK Gan Taylor's Schools president, introduced the keynote speaker Will Richardson.

Keynote speaker Will Richardson speaker about Learning in the Modern World.

Dr. Margaret Alvarez and Dr. Edward Greene thank the EARCOS Team at the Closing Reception



Photo credits:
Carlene Firmin and Will Richardson photos captured by Mr. Sab Kagei EARCOS board and head of school at St. Mary's International School.