Title: What's Different for School Year 2020-21?

This session will look at a variety of  specific school situations today (at the start of 2020-21) compared with where they  were in June (the end of 2019-20). Each panelist highlighted one or  two particular actions they  have taken to make this new  school year feel different from last school year.  Many of our colleagues have highlighted a shared concern that as the COVID-19 crisis has continued to develop there is a danger that school will transition from June to August/September as if there had been no break.  The panelists will address this and a variety of other critical topics.
Panelist: Patrick  Hurworth (International School Beijing)Jim Hardin (American School in Japan), Catriona Moran  (Saigon South International SchoolSteve Dare (Hong Kong Academy)

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Title: Supporting Community Well-being for School Year 2020-21

This session will look at the panelist’s schools’ approach to community wellness/well-being for the new school year. Each Head will highlight one or two specific plans/actions they have  taken to help the community, or a segment of the community, (students, parents, faculty and/or staff) to cope well with the realities of a new school year. Many of our colleagues have highlighted the challenges in terms of the emotional and general wellness, or lack thereof, during the earlier phase of the pandemic. Lessons learned and actions taken can help all of our EARCOS schools focus on a healthy 2020-21 school year.
Panelists: Tarek Razik (Jakarta Intercultural School), Craig Coutts (Yokohama International School), Jane McGee (UNIS-Hanoi), Andy Davies, (International School Bangkok), Ben Ploeger, (Kaohsiung American School)

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Title: Supporting Mental Wellness: A Webinar for EARCOS School Counselors With Dr. Sean Truman, President of the Truman Group

The Truman Group is a highly recognized global consortium of practicing clinical psychologists who have significant experience with expatriate individuals and families. Dr. Sean Truman, President of the Truman Group, grew up overseas and attended an international school in Africa. Recognizing the increasingly widespread social and emotional effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our international schools community, Dr. Truman’s webinar will offer an overview of the alarming increase in mental health challenges our school counselors face today. Dr. Truman shared the information about the developing crisis in mental health, particularly as it impacts international school students, parents, leaders and faculty, with a special focus on the increasingly challenging role played by school counselors. Importantly, he shared theinformation on an innovative new project being launched by EARCOS and the Truman Group designed to support the emotional wellbeing of school counselors.

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In this pandemic, school leaders have been inundated with dilemmas, questions, decisions and endless amounts of advice. In their presentation, Drs. Evans and Thompson will discuss the five essential approaches leaders should use to help their communities remain strong in the face of fear and uncertainty.

Michael Thompson and Rob Evans are both psychologists, authors, and consultants to schools in the U.S. and internationally. They have each worked in hundreds of schools, including many schools facing serious crises of all kinds. They have each written many articles. Michael has published nine books, Rob three. They are currently at work on a book for schools about dealing with difficult parents. Both are highly respected voices across the world of international schools.



EARCOS Chief Operationg Officers/Business Managers

The session promises to offer a powerful opportunity to sort through the challenges and to share solutions as our schools continue to move positively through this time of uncertainty. Join three Chief Operating Officers from the region as they discuss their challenges and the steps they are taking to help manage the financial resources of their schools.
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EARCOS Dwight School Seoul webinar from closure to e-Learning a journey with Dwight School Seoul and the preparation of the return to School. The differences and challenges of reopening schools in times of COVID-19.



Back to school: Managing the risks of campus re-opening

You may watch a recording of the webinar at your convenience here: https://direc.to/dACL
A copy of the presentation slides may be downloaded here: https://direc.to/dACs

School campuses, which have now been empty for months, are inching closer to reopening, presenting another set of emerging challenges. Schools need to properly plan for and manage new risks when students, faculty and staff return to campus. Health and safety concerns top the list, but the risks extend beyond those, and missteps can quickly spiral into incidents that threaten both operations and reputation.




Title: How GEMS International School supports distance learning

Don’t miss @fireflyteam upcoming webinar: Hear from Vice-President of International GEMS Penang on their challenges & successes of distance learning for younger learners during #schoolclosures. They share techniques for improving parental & student engagement.

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