EARCOS Constitution



EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) was founded in 1968 as a result of growth in the 1960s of U.S. schools in East Asia and the needs of these schools to develop supportive relationships. In many cases, the schools were geographically isolated, both from one another and from mainstream U.S. education.

In the mid-1960s, a regional conference of schools in East Asia was sponsored and supported by International Schools Services. Following its inception in 1964, conferences were supported by the Office of Overseas Schools of the U.S. Department of State. Through these conferences, administrators were brought together to share ideas and concerns.

A regional workshop was held for overseas schools of the East Asia area in December 1968. Sponsored by the Office of Overseas Schools, it was hosted by the American School in Japan. At this conference, a Memorandum of Association was presented to the administrators present. Representatives of nineteen schools in Laos, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore signed the Memorandum, and EARCOS was born. The first EARCOS Conference was held the following year, November 24-28, 1969, at Hong Kong International School.

EARCOS works with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in support of the evaluation/accreditation program for schools in East Asia. It conducts workshops, recommends members for visiting committees, reviews evaluation programs and produces supplements for East Asia schools in WASC evaluation materials.

The EARCOS organization serves to promote cooperation and communication among its Members, to advance the professional growth of schools and individuals and to broaden and enrich the educational opportunities of the students we serve. In these tasks it will work with other regional school associations and with institutions and organizations serving the purposes of international education. The EARCOS mission is supported through its strong links with the Office of Overseas Schools of the U.S. Department of State.


EARCOS Contact Information


Brentville Subdivision
Barangay Mamplasan
Binan, Laguna 4024, Philippines
Phone: 63-49-5115993/5994
Fax: 63-49-5114

EARCOS Board of Trustees

Margaret Alvarez, President (ISS International School)
Stephen Cathers, Vice-President (Korea International School)
Norma Hudson, Secretary (Internatoinal School Kuala Lumpur)
Andrew Davies, Treasurer (International School Bangkok)
David Toze, Past President (International School Manila)
Stephen Dare, Trustee (Hong Kong Academy)
Barry Sutherland, Trustee (International School of Phnom Pehn)
Sab Kagei, Trustee (St. Mary's International School)
Kevin Baker, Trustee (Busan International Foreign School)
Laurie McLellan, Trustee (Nanjing International School)

Larry Hobdell (ex officio), Office of Overseas Schools, U.S. Department of State


Executive Director
Dick Krajczar - dkrajczar@earcos.org

Assistant Director
Bill Oldread - boldread@earcos.org

Joe Petrone - jpetrone@earcos.org

Vitz Baltero - vbaltero@earcos.org

Administrative Assistant / Leadership Conference Coordinator
Elaine Repatacodo - lrepatacodo@earcos.org

Teachers' Conference Coordinator
Giselle Sison, gsison@earcos.org

Membership Coordinator
Ver Castro - vercastro@earcos.org

Web Developer, Weekend Workshop Coordinator, ET Journal/Advertising/Sponsorship
Edzel S. Drilo - edrilo@earcos.org

EARCOS Accountant
Robert Viray - srviray@earcos.org

Accounting Assistant
RJ Macalalad



Revised EARCOS Constitution- October 2015

Download revised EARCOS Constitution in PDF format >> click here