EARCOS Online Course

Dates: July 16 - August 4, 2020 (*5 week course made up of 4 different modules)

Join Dr. Lee Ann Jung in this 5-week course. Participants will take their current knowledge of healthy assessment and grading practices and explore advanced application topics that will increase their capacity to lead continuous assessment and grading improvement in their schools, including in online environments. The course is designed for those with significant knowledge and experience with moving away from traditional assessment and grading practices to those centered on proficiencies, competencies, or standards. In particular, this course focuses on the multiple ways to improve the quality of assessments and ensure their validity.

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EARCOS Webinar

Drs. Evans and Thompson will discuss the five essential approaches leaders should use to help their communities remain strong in the face of fear and uncertainty.


EARCOS Dwight School Seoul webinar from closure to e-Learning a journey with Dwight School Seoul and the preparation of the return to School. The differences and challenges of reopening schools in times of COVID-19.



Awards & Grants Deadlines

Professional Learning Weekend Grant Request SY 2020-2021
Deadline: September 1, 2020
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Margaret Sanders Scholarship
Deadline: November 1, 2020
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ET Journal Spring Issue 2020

The ET Journal is a triannual publication of the East Asia Regional Council of Schools(EARCOS), a nonprofit 501(C)3, incorporated in the state of Delaware, USA, with a regional office in Manila, Philippines.

Featured in this Issue
- EdThought
- Curriculum
- Community Service
- Service Learning
- Professional Development




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