Visit to Dulwich International High School Suzhou

Campbell Douglas Director of Dulwich leads Monday morning staff briefing.

(L-R) Sharon Zhuang (Principal), Ann Ng (Deputy Director of Business Administration), Sophie Zhu (Head of Admissions, Marketing and Communications), Dick Krajczar (Executive Director EARCOS), Richard Nunns (Deputy Director), Colin Seymour (Director of Business Administration), Campbell Douglas (Director), Stephen Cobb (Head of Boarding).

Dulwich International High School Assistant Principal Richard Nunns.

(L-R) George Y (Deputy Head Boy), Sam S (Head Boy), Dick Krajczar (Executive Director EARCOS), Elena H (Deputy Head Girl), Rowena Y (Head Girl)

Staff at Dulwich International High School.

Mr. Peter Garnhum of Alleyn house and Ambassadors, Sam and Rowena take me on a school tour.

(L-R) Sophie Zhu and Ann.

Dulwich sports fields.

Theatre at Dulwich.




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