Condolence Messages from Colleagues and Friends

On behalf of The Office of Overseas Schools, I want to express our heartfelt and deepest sympathy to Sherry and his loving family. Dick was our colleague, confidant, friend, and longtime iconic leader in the international education world. His infectious smile, warm and engaging personality and his unfailing desire to help others will always be remembered by all of us in our Office and by those around the globe who had the good fortune to know him.

Our thoughts and prayers are especially with Sherry and his family for comfort and peace during this difficult time period."

Lawrence Hobdell, Regional Education Officer for EAP
The Office of Overseas Schools

I can only imagine how tough a time this is for you all. You are in my thoughts and I wish you strength as we all remember Dr. K.'s incredible life and legacy.

Dr. Paul Wood, Principal
Westminster Campus


I just wanted to reach out to you all to share my sadness and offer my support. It all still feels surreal and I can't begin to imagine how you are all feeling. I know thoughts and condolences are coming into your office right now remembering the joy, advocacy and support Dick offered to so many educators across international schools worldwide. He was a true connector of ideas and people and I will always fondly remember sitting with him at Brent trackside and him listening and offering sincere and genuine advice. Things seem a little darker today but please remember the impact he has made on the life of so many and with you has created a legacy that you can all be truly proud. Please let me know if there is anything I can support you with and know that ISB wants to help celebrate Dr K in anyway we can.
Bronwyn Weale Curriculum & Learning Specialist
International School Bangkok


I and your Chez Deo family is deeply saddened sir...thank you for always supporting us. We didn't only lose one of our valued guests, but a good man. Goodbye, Dr. K. Thank you for all the stories. We will miss you.

Nina Doki and Chez Deo

Dear Sherry, Moran, Josh and Donnie:
Sunday night in Reno we heard that Dick was hospitalized with pneumonia and that he might have had a slight heart attack. The next day we received the news that he was not able to recover from a major heart attack. Shocking news. While at the recent AAIE, he and I talked more about retirement and getting together in either Reno or Wyoming. He promised to call me at 3AM, reminiscent of the days recruiting when he was up early and wanted to talk. The measure of a person is the influence on ones family, friends, colleagues and , for educators, students. Dick’s impact is immeasurable. He touched the lives of so many of us in international education. He championed students, was friendly to all, was total engaged in a school’s life, enjoyed a good time, made people feel welcome and cared. Dick was the right person for EARCOS’s first full time executive director. He energized this organization, reached out to so many regional heads and made them feel part of the organization. Under his leadership, EARCOS became synonymous with high quality programs for students, teachers, administrators and boards. Dick’s energy was infectious. Dick’s legacy will live on through the lives of all those he touched. If there is anything that Jaci and I can do at this time, please let us know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Sincerely, Jaci, Joe, Derek and Kirk


I’m so incredibly sorry to hear of Dick’s passing. Just shocking, really. I was looking forward to seeing him in Bangkok. I’d planned to come just for his celebration. Please give the entire team my deepest condolences.

Lee Ann Lee Ann Jung, PhD

My love and condolences to Dick’s family, his colleagues and friends and everyone who knew him. I am truly shocked by this news. Not many people really amaze me but Dick did. His values, the way he lived his values outwardly and the energy, enthusiasm and excitement he brought to everything he did was genuinely inspirational to me. He was never anything but helpful, kind, open, challenging and just downright good to me. I speak about him all the time to others. I still will.

Martin Skelton, Director of Learning and Education
International Schools Partnership

It was a great privilege to be able to work closely with and to know Dick for so many years. He is an unforgettable character, caring, bright, witty, and always with the best interests of all people foremost in his mind. I will always remember him jogging across the field at JIS when our team from ISKL won the soccer championship. He picked me up with a bear hug, cracking three of my ribs as we celebrated. We laughed about that every year for the next 30 years. Dick Krajczar was not only brilliant, fun to be with and strong! Dick will forever remain close to those of us who lucky enough to know him. He is in our hearts and always will be.

Michael Colaianni, Head of School

Seoul International School


"The community of the Untied World College of South East Asia sends its deepest sympathy to Dick's family and friends. This is the saddest news. We knew Dick as a passionate educator, a remarkable professional and mentor, and a much loved friend. We have lost a great man.

Chris Edwards, HEAD OF COLLEGE

Dear Krajczar Family and EARCOS Community,
Our hearts are with you. Dr. Krajczar embraced us throughout the years, and now, our tears flow in sadness of his passing, and also in happiness, as we recall the countless times Dr. K brought smiles & joy to those who met him. May the Lord watch over Richard and his family.
From the St. Mary's International School community

Saburo Kagei, Headmaster
St. Mary's International School

Dear Sherry, Morgan and Josh,
You have been in our thoughts and prayers since the shocking news arrived. We lay our hands and hearts on you from afar. No one has had the tremendously positive impact on global education, its students and schools, that Dick has. Thank you for allowing us to share his education journey throughout these many years. What a precious gift and blessing your family is to us. To Dick’s EARCOS family, You too must be devastated in the loss of your friend and boss. You were his right hand through thick and thin. We embrace you with love and support at this difficult time. With heavy hearts but also with joy in remembering the happiness Dick brought to us all,

Cindy Hager and Dick Metzger

As one of the busiest people in the international teaching world, Dr. K always had time to chat. His bright smile, funny jokes, and passion for education was ever present and he seemingly had energy that was never ending. Every single one of us in the international teaching community was impacted by his leadership and his positive influence will continue for years to come. Blessings to his family in this time of loss.

Thomas Mathews, Athletic Director

Asia Pacific International School

At ELC Dick always had a word for each and every one of us and could tell us a story or two about our own schools. His care and concern for the entire EARCOS community was immense and his generosity of spirit known to all. Dick will be sorely missed and at both a personal and professional level.

Barry Ratzliff, Head of School

Hokkaido International School

Kaohsiung American School sends its deepest condolences to Dick’s family and friends during this time of devastating loss. Dick brought passion and care to so many people in this world, and his legacy of greatness will live on. He was a strong supporter of education, educators, and students. Dick will always be an example of the best that humanity has to offer. He made so many people feel supported in times of great need - he always knew just when to call. Dr. K will be forever deeply missed by us at KAS and many many people around the world.

Dr. Ben Ploeger, Superintendent

Kaohsiung American School

Dick's contribution to international education will long be remembered, not only for the impact he had and the difference he made but the manner and good grace in which this was done - a truly wonderful person who touched the lives of so many. Our sincere condolences to his family from the Alice Smith School community in Kuala Lumpur.

Roger Schultz, Head of School

The Alice Smith School

My condolences to Dick's family and to all who knew and cared about him. Dick was a mentor to me. I always felt that he was in my corner and that he was looking out for me. What's remarkable is that I think he made everyone feel that way. He was an extraordinary human being.

Gary Robson, Head of School

Ayeyarwaddy International School

You are now one of the brightest, most vibrant star looking upon us all, Dr. K. You will ALWAYS be remembered. Always.

Jang Estacio EA to Superintendent
International School Manila

The Principal, Faculty and Staff of Dominican International School, Taipei wish to express the sadness we feel, as a great mind and a true educator has left us. He will be sorely missed. Dr. K, as he was lovingly known by the many educators he encouraged and enthused, was an inspiration to people in our profession wherever he went. Our prayers accompany him to his rest, and we would like to express our deepest condolences to his family.

Mercia de Souza profesional Development Coordinator, Head of Communication Arts

Dominican International School, Taipei

Sending my sincere condolences to Dick's family and colleagues in Manila. I will always remember how warm, kind, encouraging and funny Dick was to me and so many others. I always enjoyed seeing him in different conferences around the world, marveled at his radiant optimism and humble connections to people. A giant who connected with so many in the international school world! Godspeed!

Madeleine Maceda Heide, Director

Academia Cotopaxi American International School

Dick Krajczar, His encouraging positive attitude, gigantic smile, firm decision making and charisma along with many other uplifting descriptors were all packaged in this energetic man. His belief in professional development from the best and most current presenters and in gathering people from many schools for meaningful conversations and networking by creating venues for teachers and administrators to share their experiences, are all a huge part of why Dick K. will remain a legend in the field of education. His vision and hours of work are what made and kept (and will continue to make) the EARCOS member schools at the top of their game. He will be missed. My sympathy goes out to Sherry and his family. Treasure the memories and stories. May God grant you peace and reassurance as you navigate life with this loss.

Ruth L. Volz, Teacher

American International School of Guangzhou


Dr K was one of the first people to reach out to me when I arrived new to St. Michael's in 2012 and within minutes of the call it felt like we were chatting like old friends. Upon meeting him at the EARCOS conference that first year he welcomed me warmly, remembering both our conversation and the school he had visited years earlier. It didn't take long to realise that this was one of the trademarks of his warm and welcoming spirit. What an amazing individual! My sincere condolences to his family and to all who loved him.

Gill Tyrer, Head of School

St. Michael's International School, Kobe, Japan

On behalf of the BCIS community, we send our sincerest condolences to Sherry and the whole family. Dick was well known to many of us personally at BCIS and his support for both individuals and schools was inspirational. We will remember Dick. We will remember his energy, his enthusiasm, his humour, his smile but most of all his care for people and education. We will continue to do good work and carry his messages with us. With the warmest wishes. Julie Lawton and the BCIS community.

Julie Lawton, Head of School
Beijing City International School

Thank you Dick for all that you have done to make a better world for future generations. First time I met you at a conference years back you gave me some very inspirational advice and I am forever grateful for it. You told me that we have a responsibility to the futures generations to pass on our passion for learning. You are dearly missed..

Dave Nguyen Diploma Programme Coordinator
Beijing City International School


In the world of international education, Dick was one of the greats. I doubt anyone else has inspired so many, supported so many and cared for so many. Dick was caring, energetic, self defacing, loyal, incredibly dedicated, supremely organized, humble, knowledgable and incredibly funny and this combination made EARCOS a real family as well as a well oiled machine. Dick had time for everyone and this is just one of many reasons why Dick was so well loved and so highly respected. I have been privileged to know Dick and will miss him greatly. Our international education world is much richer because of Dick as are the lives of the many who came into contact with him.

Andrew Davies, Head of School
International School Bangkok


The loss of Dr. K was so impactful. My husband I were saddened by the news. As we discussed why our hearts felt such a came with realization that Dr. K. was so personable. He treated all the same no matter what the rank on the educational totem pole. How he he engaged keynotes, Head of Schools, admin, students, parents, and delegates were pinpointed and personable. Relationships pointed outward. He asked questions. He stopped by sessions regularly engaged in the conversation not holding himself nor any subject above another. Before it was coined in design thinking Dr. K always had the "How might we" attitude. Dr. K was an educator who touched lives. He made you feel "seen". Our prayers of peace are with you. -Gretchen and Lalo Aguilar

Gretchen Aguilar, ES Art Teacher
Concordia International School Shanghai


My sincerest sympathy to Sherry, Morgan, Josh, and grandchildren. Your husband, father, grandfather was one of the most positive and accepting people I ever met. He had a knack for making everyone who came into contact with him feel appreciated and valued. His warmth of character and wealth of humor endeared him to so many students, colleagues, and acquaintances. Dick's legacy will be carried on by the many people whose lives he enriched. Take comfort in so many happy memories. Shine on Dr. K . . . you are sorely missed.

Gary A Woodford, Retired (Early Childhood & Elementary Principal)
Saigon South International School

The world of international education has lost a true guiding spirit. Dick was an inspiration to us all. He had an unflappable belief in the goodness of people and the resilience of the human spirit, a passion for education as a means to improve lives - and the 'can-do' humility needed to roll up his sleeves, take action and have impact. JCIS was so grateful to host Dr.K for our fall meeting in 2017. The highlight of our time together was a 'Q&A with Dr.K'. What transpired was hours of stories, insights, laughter, advice and encouragement - delivered with humour and humility. Dick knew us all - even those he was meeting for the first time. He was like that - a true connector, a true leader. Thank you Dick for the precious gift you have given to the world of education and for the legacy you leave behind. You are gone too soon, and we will miss you. Rest in Peace, Dr K.
Matthew Parr, President

Japan Council of International Schools (JCIS)


It was my first time attended EARCOS Leadership Conference last October the same time with the 50th anniversary, but my second time meeting in person with Dr Dick Krajczar. Still hope we will meet again next year... My deepest condolences toward families, may God give strength and bless... I always remember him as great leader and educator...

Lien Lien Anggrahini, Director
Global Jaya School

"On behalf of the community of Seisen International School I am writing to express our heartfelt condolences to the Krajczar family and to the EARCOS team. Dr K held a special place in the heart and history of our school and our hearts are heavy today.

Dick had the incredible gift of making a person feel like the most important person in the room when he talked to them. His genuine interest in students, in teachers, and in administration teams had people feeling at ease within minutes of meeting him.

That voice, that smile , that laugh, that presence will never leave us. No doubt Dick's legacy will be far reaching, and it will always be a reminder to us of the importance of genuine relationships in the work that we do as educators. A man of honor and integrity, a man of vision and compassion - Seisen salutes you Dr K!"

Colette Rogers, Head of School
Seisen International School


"Everyone that I have spoken to this week feels shocked and saddened at Dick's passing. We wish to offer our profoundest condolences to Dick's family and also to his many friends around the world who will be feeling equally bereft at this time.

Dick was an amazing man and a loyal friend. He gave so much, was genuinely interested in what you had to say and always, always had that smile that spoke so eloquently about care and compassion. We all have our private memories of Dick and as long as they remain then so too will our beloved friend. RIP Dick

Alun Cooper, Head of School
Prem Tinsulanonda International School


On behalf of Korea International School, Jeju Campus we send our deepest condolences to the family of Dr. Dick Krajczar. He was a great leader and even greater person who touched the lives of so many in the EARCOS community. We will miss your energy, wisdom, and genuine caring for people.

Shawn Vento, Head of School
Korea International School, Jeju Campus

"Dear Sherry and Family,

On behalf of the Farrell Family, we have you, Dick, your family and the EARCOS Family in our daily prayers. I met Dick at a summer NEASC Conference years ago in Boston, and after spending time with him, I decided to leave the comfort of home and moved to Taiwan to direct Kaohsiung American School. One of the greatest benefits of this decision was that I became friends with Sherry and Dick. It was a blessing I will cherish for my lifetime. We could all write a wonderful book about Dick Krajczar and the lives he touched and changed. Mine was one!

From my first day on the job at KAS, to my 6 years as an EARCOS Board member and 9 years at KAS, Dick was always there to support me and be a friend. I was alway excited to see him and happy to be around him. In fact, I could not get enough of him. I can see that wonderful smile as I write this message, and it will always remain with me. I was getting excited to spend time with him in MaIne next fall when he settled into his well deserved retirement.

Dick was one of a kind. He worked harder than anyone I know to make a positive difference in the world, and he was a huge success. Thank you, Sherry, for sharing this special person with thousands of us. I am still in shock and so sad we have lost such a loving and lovable person. He will always be a part of us.

Dr. Thomas Farrell, Superintendent Emeritus
Kaohsiung American School


You were a great guy and your family and friends are going to miss him very much. Our Deepest Sympathy Dick, Kathy and all of Kathy's families.

Richard Splichal, Veterinarian

Kansas State


My deepest condolences to the family of Dick, and his beloved EARCOS team. He was a uniquely energetic, dedicated and kind educational leader who was able to always find the time to listen, and quick to share the perfect story, words of wisdom or a joke with impeccable timing. He will be missed by international colleagues around the world, but never forgotten. Rest in peace Dr. K.

Yolanda Murphy-Barrena, Former Executive Director


I was fortunate to meet Dick twice in Beijing. First at YCIS and second time during ACAMIS Conference at ISB, Beijing. Sending my sincere condolences to his family and friends in Manila. He was very warm and kind person.

Satyendra Arora, Technology Integrator

YCIS of Beijing


Dear Sherry and family,

We at Taylor's Schools are truly saddened to hear of Dr. K's passing. It came as a shock to all of us who know him. We extend to you and your EARCOS family our deepest condolences.

I have had the priviledge of knowing him through our years of partnership with EARCOS. He is definitely a giant in the world of education and the impact of what he has done will be felt in the years to come. He was a man of great passion, tenacity and principle.

I recall him stressing me whenever I do the introduction of speakers as he sits on the front row reminding me ""only two minutes"". This has been our standing joke over the years and I will surely miss him.

As we mourn his loss, the memory of his life will always bring a warmth and smile in our hearts.

BK Gan, President

Taylor's Schools


Precious few have led lives of such ebullience and benevolence, such optimism and joy, such dignity and grace. We are thankful to count ourselves among the countless many whom you have blessed with your great light and indomitable spirit.

William Johnson, Head of School

American International School Vietnam


The world is a better place because of Dick, he will be missed by all! His spirit, care and passion will always be imprinted in my mind and heart.

Marc L'Heureux, Elementary Principal

The American School in Japan


I am still reeling from the shock of hearing about Dick's passing. Not long ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Dick at our school... I will always associate Dick with this sort of radiant and benevolent energy. A great person to share ideas with, Dick was always generous with his insights and his expertise. Kind and jovial, a cup of coffee with Dick was uplifting in so many ways - one came away more aware, more motivated and more convinced about the general goodness of man. Dick, you will be missed. Rest in peace, my friend!

Anuradha Monga, Head of School

Bangalore International School

On behalf of Shanghai Community International School, we offer our sincere condolences to the Krajczar family and the entire EARCOS team. Dick’s dedication to education, more specifically the teachers, students, staff and administrators within the many international schools he supported is without equal. As an EARCOS member school, we benefited from our participation in the many conferences he directed, yet we fondly recall our interactions with him as ‘dad’ to one of our fine educators. He was quick with a smile, a story, and is likely the most famous bell ringer throughout East Asia. His legacy and positive influence will continue throughout the region and the globe as his ‘mentor tree’ is broad and flourishing. While Dick will certainly be missed, he will not be forgotten. Thank you, Dick, for leading from the front and inspiring so many. Rest in peace.

Daniel D. Eschtruth, Director of Schools
Shanghai Community International School

"It was with deep sadness WAB heard of the passing of Dr. Richard Krajczar.

Having caught up with him only recently at EARCOS, for some of us the first time and for some of us a regular touch point throughout our careers, the news was first met with disbelief. We cannot imagine how Dick’s family are feeling at this time, and we would like to share our sincere condolences with them.

Dick was a man who made a profound impact on all who met him. His unflagging energy, passion for education and hands on approach to everything was admired by us. He inspired us with his ability to make each individual person, student and teacher alike, feel valued and important for who they are, and he welcomed us, folded us into his education family when we arrived new to the region.

He will be sorely missed by all of us.

With sympathy,
WAB students, teachers, staff and leaders"
Marta Medved Krajnovic, Director of School

Western Academy of Beijing


One of the giants in our community has been lost, but will certainly not be forgotten. A man of unbounded energy, optimism and passion for education. Dick was a model for us to emulate. Never to be matched, but one who set a standard to which we could aspire. He commanded respect and admiration for who he was and what he represented. He exemplified the highest possible level of genuineness. We grieve the loss of Dick while simultaneously rejoicing in all that he gave to our community and to each of us as individuals.

DAVID RANDALL,Senior Leadership Executive

International Schools Services


Dick Krajczar was a truly remarkable man: warm, friendly, supportive and inspiring. He will be missed, but he has left a lasting legacy on education; and he will not be forgotten by those of us who benefitted immensely from knowing him.

Michael Connolly, Former principal now retired

Retired international educator


Dick had a remarkable gift to care genuinely about everyone. He grew up near Lehigh University in Bethlehem, and always took a particular interest in supporting the many of us doing graduate work there--always a caring inquiry and a personal encouragement. He was an exemplar of living for the right reasons for all of us.

Dale Cox, Vice President, Asia-Pacific
International School Services


Dick will be sorely missed by all who worked with him in the international education world. May he Rest In Peace. Vivian and Adel

Vivian Daher, Librarian 1978-1992

American Community School, Amman, Jordan (1978-1992)


My heart filled with sadness at this sudden loss. My thoughts and prayers with family in their time of sorrow. If there is anything I can do to help in any way, you need only ask. To all in the international community: we must honor Dick's memory through our continued service to education and children. Ready to serve with all of you in the shadow of Dick's fine example of compassion and regard.

Jon P. Zurfluh, Director

American School of Warsaw


How to summarize Dick's life or a friendship that spans over forty years? If professionalism is enhanced by good relations (and I believe it is) then Dick was an unparalleled success. Always in motion to meet people and share encouraging advice, ever cognizant of his roots and marveling at his international life, his easy laugh will live with all who knew him. So many memories: staying with Dick and Shari at their homes in Amman and Maine, unnumbered NESA, AAIE and EARCOS conferences (Not to mention SLOSH, of which he was 'President for Life'), Dick was the consummate networker. Everyone knew him and he knew everyone, as evidenced by the extensive memorials on this site. International education has changed during our time and Dick has helped point it in the right direction. I join everyone happy to have called him our friend. Shari, Morgan and Josh, my condolences.

James M. Ambrose


The international school community has lost a giant, and all of those who are part of that community and who had the good fortune of working with Dick have lost a good friend, wise counsel, kind soul, energetic collaborator, and fun and fun-loving personality. Dick's legacy will endure in the legions of international educators whom he mentored. It was a privilege and an inspiration for all of us at ISS to work with Dick. In his memory and honor, we will try to live up to his example.

Liz Duffy, President

International Schools Services


It has been said that if one thinks one is irreplaceable, just watch how long it will take for the hole to fill up when you pull your finger out of a bucket of water. In most cases, this is true . . . yet with the loss of Dick, that hole will be very slow to fill. The fifteen years we spent at ISB included working closely with Dick on the EARCOS ETC Advisory Board and in organizing Professional Development. The impact Dick had helped make working in an EARCOS school simply incredible . . . and we believe all who came under the influence of Dick felt the same way. Dick's belief in the goodness in people, and in the possibility of international education, left a legacy that will be lived out for years to come. Our sincerest condolences to Sherry, Morgan and Josh.

Peter and Ann Straub, Middle School and Staff Development
ISB Faculty Alumni


We extend our deepest, heartfelt condolences to Sherry, Morgan, Josh and the entire Krajczar family. Dick was our friend, Headmaster and mentor to our son, Mark. When we think of Dick, we see him sitting outside his office at ISKL personally greeting each teacher and student by name every morning. Dick was the definition of a “people person”. His enthusiasm, fairness and compassion inspired everyone to be the best person they could be in the classroom, on the athletic field and in life. We will truly miss him.
Gary and Carol McElroy, Retired Teachers
International School Kuala Lumpur


"In the world of education, Dick was one of the greats! If the world of humanity, caring, inspiration, mentorship, dedication, love, support, and friendship, Dick was one of the greats! Our community at Saigon South International School sends its deepest sympathy to Sherry and family. We count ourselves blessed to have known Dick. And, until we meet again, Dick, ""May the sun shine warm upon your face, May the rain fall softly on your fields"" (Irish Blessing)."

Catriona Moran, Head of School
Saigon South International School


"It was truly a pleasure spending any amount of time with Dr. K., over a meal, visiting a campus, or during an EARCOS conference. We are all truly fortunate to have had such a leader who connected us all over decades of time and generations of learners. Dr. K always reminded us about what was best about being human...connecting with each other!

EARCOS is what it is because of Dr. K and we know his legacy of providing the very best professional development, and bringing us all together through the joy of learning will live on. Thanks Dr. K for being such a positive force in our lives!"

Ted Mockrish, Head of School
Canadian International School, Bangalore


"My heartfelt condolences to the family of Dr. Dick Krajczar and the EARCOS family.

For me, Dr. K's and EARCOS' close and historical relationship with Brent International Schools, particularly Brent Baguio have always been a source of inspiration and pride. As a member of our Baguio Board, he brought that familiar passion and love for students, teachers, and learning into our policies and plans. There was that spark of passion in his eyes, the warmth in his heart, and the unwavering positive spirit that he carried all throughout his interactions with our our students, faculty, staff and board in his every visit.

As EARCOS Director, he was representative of a long standing tradition of life-long learning and commitment to excellence in education. For sure, just like other schools' experience, every time delegates from Brent Baguio attend ETCs and ELCs, his welcome feels like one is at a long-awaited homecoming-- one has come home to family.

I will always remember his encouraging and hopeful words for our school and for the years to come. Dr. K, your legacy will live on, and we will do our best to live up to your example. No doubt, your big Brent family, your Baguio family will miss you terribly."

Celeste Coronado, IB Coordinator
Brent International School Baguio


Dr. K's vibrant, open, and caring presence will be greatly missed. He always made everyone feel special and important. He was an exemplary leader to us all.

Krista Zavits, Elementary Principal
American School of Budapest


Dear Sherry, Mary Lou and I were saddened to hear that Dick had passed unexpectedly. Please accept our sincere condolences. It was so great to see him last May at the baseball team’s Hall of Fame ceremony in Bethlehem. We were looking forward to connecting with both of you again on your summer vacation to Maine. He will be truly missed. Fondly, Jake and Mary Lou

Mary Lou and Tom Jacoby , Baseball teammate
Bethlehem High School


I have been working in international schools since 1989 and I owe my start to Dick Krajczar. I was at my first ISS recruiting fair full of enthusiasm for launching the career I knew I was destined to have. I was teaching junior high math at the time but knew high school was my calling. One head of school after another asked about my experience and then politely sent me on my way. Dick invited me to interview with him and I had braced myself for the forthcoming rejection. But it didn't come... Why? Because he was the only person who didn't ask me "Have you taught...?" but rather "Can you teach...?" Such a simple change of phrase that bolstered me to say, "Yes... yes, I can." He asked me how to pronounce my last name correctly (clearly this was important to him) and I asked him the same question. With a twinkle in his eye, he replied "Cry-tzar", but some people tend to put more of the emphasis on the "czar" part of my name! At the end of the interview, he told me he had two more job fairs to go and then he would let me know. A couple of days later, I received a phone call and he said, "Jim... I have looked at the other candidates and I don't need to wait. I want you on my team!" In the end, I never worked for him because he moved on to ISKL from Jordan that year, but he never failed to remember me every time we crossed paths in the subsequent years. Truly a great man who had a bundle of energy that he channeled into impacting the lives of many people. My condolences to his family.

Jim Barekman, High School Counselor, Grade 11/12
International Community School of Addis Ababa


Dick was such an inspiration to everyone. He truly wanted everyone to be happy and went out of his way to make sure this happened. The word that comes to mind when I think of Dick is "genuine." He truly was the definition of this word. I hope that Sherry and his children know how much he was loved by everyone he met.

Shelley Cook, President/CEO
Amazing Adventures in Education


From all of us from the Damascus Community School, we offer our sincere condolences. Dick was a leader at DCS and the entire community shared the vision that he had for the school. DCS stayed vibrant until the school closing in 2012 due to the civil war in Syria. We remember the trailer which was the director’s “apartment.” We hope that the family remembers really good times in Syria!. We will miss Dick and his leadership in international education.

Our deepest sympathy. We remember the “directors”trailer at DCS and the vision you had for the school. We hope that you have good memories of the school and your time in Syria. Thinking about the family. Much love, Jim and Bettie

James and Bettie Liebzeit, Director
Damascus Community School


For Sherry, Morgan and Josh and family members, I can only hope that the words/stories/memories from around the world and from all walks of life, different cultures and of all ages will help fill the enormous void you have in your hearts for your special husband, father, brother, grandfather. I knew him as Dick and like many others, loved him and respected him and could always count on him. You have generously shared him with the world beyond the family and his legacy has been how we should all live our lives - with love and care and compassion for all, and to be connected with others, and to give of yourself to others. We can only hope to emulate the example he set for us all - wouldn't it be an even more wonderful world if there were more people like Dick? While we, those of us who called him a friend/mentor/coach etc, feel bereft and at a loss, I for one want to let you know how much he meant to me, and how I will endeavour to live my life in international education as Dick would want me to. A giant among men, his legacy lives on in all of us. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

Deidre Fischer, CEO
DF Education


with deepest sympathy and fond memories of a sincere devoted educator.

Jay Laughman
Retired International Sales 1986-2007

Perma Bound Books International


Dr. K. you are a mentor, a friend and a 2nd father figure to me. I'm so lucky in my international career that I was able to meet such an amazing man and have the opportunity to learn so many things. Most importantly I learned what it means to be an educator and how we can change people's lives. Your legacy will live on and I hope you know the effect you have had on so many people.

Keith Allerton, Teacher/ETC Advisory Rep
Jakarta Intercultural School


"As a conference exhibitor over many years Dick was a very special person. Always accommodating and going out of his ways to support all sponsors. Dicks enthusiasm & energy will be sadly missed. Vale Dr K"

Gary Stoneham , General Manager


"Dr. K will be missed by all. He always remembered your name and made you feel welcome. This is a true loss for the International School community however he showed us the path. It is now our responsibility to follow and build upon the foundation the Dr.K has provided.
Thoughts and prayers to Dr. K's family and friends from the Fukuoka International School community."

Robin Schneider, Head of School
Fukuoka International School


I would wish Dick Krajczar family many condolences, and he always made everyone smile and made sure to say their name at EARCOS conferences. We will miss his warm greetings and smiles throughout the time spent in schools across the world! All the best for his family! Kevin Schooling UWC Changshu China

Kevin, Vice Principal
UWC Changshu China


I am grateful and thankful to have had the privilege and the honor of working with, and being mentored by, Dick Krajczar. His ability to create a family environment in a huge organization was remarkable. Not only was he able to hold us all to a high professional standard, but his genuine interest in our families showed the true nature of his greatness... modeling the love for children and the desire to make the world a better place for them. We all look up to you, Dick, you are a true hero.

Dr Rob Mockrish, Head of School
The Sagemont School


Dick was an extraordinary individual. He had an eternal optimism, a self-deprecating humility and a never-failing memory for details of those he met everywhere. We loved him for those qualities. We admired him for his many, many years of dedication to the international school community—particularly through AAIE and EARCOS. His contributions were immeasurable. Dick was friend to all, a dear colleague to those fortunate enough to have worked with him. He will be remembered always by so many of us who are all around the world.

Robert Stearns, Senior Leadership Executive
International School Services


"All of us at CIS who have worked closely with Dick over many years, and especially those of us who knew him as a friend, deeply mourn his loss this week. I still cannot believe I will no longer receive his early morning calls when he would always provide me with support and encouragement. These calls usually began something like this… “Holy smokes, can you believe…!?” I will miss my friendship with Dick, I’m stronger in my role and a better person because of his enduring friendship and guidance throughout my career in international education.

Dick built each community he led to be a welcoming, inclusive group. He led by example, sheer hard work, and care. I first met Dick when he was the Director of the International School of Kuala Lumpur in the mid-90’s. The man I met that day, and the man I saw a few weeks ago in San Francisco were remarkably the same – he defied age and will be with us for the ages.

Today, we send our heartfelt wishes to Dick’s family, Sherry, Morgan and Josh, to our colleagues at EARCOS and to his closest friends inside and outside the EARCOS community.

Jane Larsson, Executive Director
Council of International Schools (CIS)

Messages and memories from the CIS Team:
I too am immensely saddened by the loss of Dick...larger than life itself, ethical, pragmatic, thoughtful, and one of a kind for sure. I have worked closely with Dick on EARCOS planning for 19 years. He will be sorely missed and his loss mourned by so many of us. A life force like Dick’s will stay with us for years to come.
With sadness,
Ann Straub
A real committed international educator, a tough negotiator and a real pleasure to dine out with.
A sad day.
Chris Durbin
Dick was an inspiration to me (and to many) on how to live life to the fullest. He had such a genuine interest in getting to know everyone he interacted with and his enthusiasm was infectious. I am so pleased I got to know him through our joint efforts in planning the CIS-EARCOS Institute.
Katryna Snow
Oh, I am so sorry to read this. I had the pleasure to meet Dick twice last year and was instantly overcome by his energy, charisma and caring nature. What sad news.
Sending all my thoughts and best wishes to his family.
Alison Eaglesham
The news of Dick's passing is a great sadness and a huge loss to the world of international schools. Naturally, it reminds us all of our mortality and the need to make the most of every day that we still have - Carpe diem. Dick contributed so much and always had time for people which is a great gift. My sympathies go out to his family at this sad time.
Pippa Leggate
Devastated and devastating news. I was the President of the EARCOS Board when Dick was appointed as the first Executive Director, and my, how he changed that organization on a dime. His energizer bunny style (which often utterly exhausted him, but he would never complain), his capacity to have a positive spin on everyone and everything, his deep need and conviction to believe that we were all members of a caring community that truly felt we could nurture our young in ways that would generate lasting positive changes in the troubled world around us are but some of the images he leaves behind. I cannot believe that light has dimmed. Just can’t believe it. Am so sorry to have missed him and Sherry at AAIE. Somehow, though, we know that spirit must live on.
This is a moment when being spread around the world doesn’t work. We need a group hug.
Monica Greeley
Oh my goodness! What a terrible to shock to wake up to this news today. I can’t believe that Dick will no longer be with us at EARCOS conferences and functions, visiting with each and every person, remembering their name and something special about them. He will be remembered by all as a champion of international education and educators, especially in Asia.
Chris Green
This is indeed very sad and unexpected news. Dick was so much part of the international school community and the strength behind so much of the development of international Eucation in Asia. He will be sorely missed. His influence will be enduring.
Ray Davis
Oh, my, my. I am heart-broken. What a terrible loss to our community. Dick was a legend. Tragic news. I am stunned.
Rick Spradling
I am so sorry to hear this news. I was introduced to Dick by you in Hanoi and saw him in a couple of other occasions. He was always charming, full of energy and ideas. He will be difficult to replace.
Lorna Prado Scott
I only had the privilege of meeting Dick the once. His energy and enthusiasm was infectious. From this one brief interaction, it was clear to me why Dick is so admired and respected within the broader international education community. It is a terrible loss. My thoughts are with all those across our community who knew and loved Dick.
Joel Buchholz
This has been such a shock for all of us here in the EARCOS region. I think back 20 years ago when I first met Dick and the many times we have caught up since then. Tarek and I both got to know Dick really well when we were on the EARCOS Board and during our ACAMIS days too. A close and dear friend who visited every international school I have worked in at least twice.
My heart goes out to Sherry, Morgan, Josh and the EARCOS team he has worked with so closely and for so long.

What a man! I hope he went out with a smile on his face and a bounce to his step, just as he lived!
Anne Fowles

Jane Larsson, Executive Director
Council of International Schools (CIS)


On behalf of LHS of Bethlehem, PA, Class of 1961, our condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of our high school classmate, Richard Krajczar.

Susan Jaxheimer, School Reunion Chair


We were deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Dr. Richard Krajczar.

Marta Medved, APAC Heads
WAB Director

Dr. Krajczar loved children. He was passionate about children’s education and worked tirelessly to promote their well-being in international schools throughout the EARCOS region. In APAC, Dr. K had long relationships with so many of our schools and leadership teams. Our schools are better because of the contributions he made.

Dr. K’s vibrancy, warmth of heart, and mighty character had a positive impact on all of those he met and worked with. He was an inspirational man, and we will remember him as such.

The loss of Dr. K will be felt by us all for many years to come. We offer our deepest condolences,

Heads of APAC Schools


The BIS Community sends our condolences to the Krajczar Family. I will always remember Dr. K as a humble, gentle, giant of a man, a positive force for good in this world, for connecting people and for believing that children will change our world for the better. God Bless.

Garth Wyncoll, Head of School
Bali Island School

Our children Janelle and Michael attended Acs in jordan. We are sadden to hear of your loss. Dick was a force of energy and filled the room with his presence!

Jordan Janet and Lary Scollick, Teacher
Community Members


Dave Brock told me of Richard's passing. Please accept my condolences to you and your family. Your family is a part of Islesboro and if you would like to share an obituary in the Islesboro Island News please send it to my email address, along with a photo (attached as a jpeg). Again, I am sorry for your loss. My Mom died 2 years ago in December and I miss her every day.

Maggy Willocx, Editor/Publisher
Islesboro Island News


Your impact will forever be felt.You will be deeply missed. Our condolences to Sherry and his family and his family at the EARCOS office.

Skylie Worrall, EARCOS Advisory Committee Member
Hong Kong International School

Dick was always a champion of school nurses. He was instrumental in supporting school nurses and especially the International School Nurses Association. I enjoyed our talks both at ISKL and in Manila. He supported me not only as the head of ISNA but personally as a school nurse, encouraging me to stretch my boundaries and speak at EARCOS conferences. I will always value his mentorship. Although I am now back in the States and practicing school nursing here- Dick's bright spirit, energy and influence carries on with those fortunate enough to have worked with him.

Linda M See, School Nurse
Mount Vernon Community Schools


We are deeply saddened by the news of Dr. Richard (Dick) Krajczar's passing. The loss of Dick is felt by many. May the memories of his wonderful personality and many contributions be celebrated by all.

Suzhou’s International School


Dick, you were a true friend of international schools and international educators and you will be terribly missed. You had the wonderful gift of being able to make everyone you met feel special. My thoughts are with Sherry and your family.

Anna Marsden, Director
International School Moshi


So sad to hear of Dick's passing. A good friend, especially when I was an ERCOS board member in the late 90's. His high spirits and positive demeanor always pciked me and all around him up. He'll be so missed and especially by his family who he always talked about.

Gary Crippin, Director
European Azerbaijan School


I was so honoured to work with Dick on EARCOS Global Issues Network initiatives. He was incredibly supportive and such a cheerleader. When he came to the EARCOS GIN conference we hosted last year, he engaged with every teacher and so many students, and buoyed us up with his optimism, energy and passion for empowering young leaders to become changemakers. I am so glad I was able to know Dick and am so sorry he is gone. He has left a deep impression on hundreds and perhaps thousands of educators throughout the region and we keenly feel his loss.

LeeAnne Lavender English teacher, Service Learning Coach


"I am so sorry to hear of Dick's passing. His enthusiasm for all things educational was infectious - as was his all encompassing energy. He was ever ready with a kind word and telling comment. He will be sadly missed, but always remembered - and there is no doubt that he will be continuing to organise proceedings with that vibrant handbell! My condolences go to his family - and to all his many friends. RIP Dick."

Tony Race Retired Head (2003 - 2012)
ISS International School Singapore


My deepest sympathies go out to Dick’s family. He was an extremely influential person in my life, assisting me while I was head of a campus in Shanghai for 7 years. He was also a major support during my doctoral dissertation and was always generous with his time. Dick's boundless energy and eternal optimism was infectious to everyone around him. He will be greatly missed, all around the world.

Dr. Daniel Jubert, Headmaster
American International School of Cape Town


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