EARCOS Leadership Mentorship (ELM)

The EARCOS Leadership Mentoring (ELM) initiative is enjoying the benefits of several cohort’s continuing reflections and improvement suggestions. And, most recently, the program moved to a new LMS to support our online orientation course – ELM 100, as per suggestions from current users. EARCOS gratefully recognizes the commitment of cohort members and warmly extends gratitude to each of them.

EARCOS offers the online orientation twice during the school year and, if demand requires, the orientation could be offered during the June—July school recess. Following completion of the orientation, interested participants are matched and begin a mentor—mentee relationship, which is expected to continue for a minimum of 18 months. The actual length of the partnership may vary; and, it is decided by mutual agreement of the mentor and mentee.

Those interested in learning more about ELM, or those certain that they wish to eventually join EARCOS school leaders (mentors) and aspiring leaders (mentees) are asked to access this link (http://www.earcos.org/elm_application.php), which leads to the series of articles published in three consecutive EARCOS Triannuals during the 2016/17 school year. Also, at this link, you will find additional details about this member service. Dr. Joe Petrone EARCOS Consultant

Dr. Joe Petrone
EARCOS Consultant