Global Citizenship Community Grant

All of us here at EARCOS wish to extend our sincere congratulations to the following Global Citizens who have been chosen to receive an EARCOS Global Citizen Community Service Grant of $500 to further their excellent community work during this upcoming academic year. The recipients are:

Naba Feven Moges, UWCSEA - East Campus
Project Name: Enastemirat(Let her learn) project

Andrea Lee, International School Manila
Project Name: Project JeepTree

Keebum(Kevin) Kim, Seoul International School
Project Name: Artemis. Magazine

Eunsoo (Amy) Lee, Taejon Christian International School
Recipient of Biosphere Stewardship Camp Scholarship

Misheel Enkbayar, International School of Ulaanbaatar
Project Name: Verbist Care Center

Patrick Ruan, Concordia International School Shanghai
Project Name: Xiaohusai

Ankita Brahmachari, NIST International School
Project Name: Roi Et- pRICEless


Community Service Grant:

Students designated by their schools as a Global Citizen are eligible to apply for one of six, $500 Community Service Grants. These grants are awarded to Global Citizens who are actively involved in a service project benefiting either children, adults, or the environment. The grant is intended to enhance and support the student’s continued efforts with the project during their final year of high school. Interested students are asked to work with their high school principal or designated faculty advisor to complete the application which is found below.

Application Form:

Deadline – Global Citizenship Award –May 15, 2020

The high school principal, or designated faculty member should submit the student’s name and other supporting information on the EARCOS Global Citizenship Award Recipient – School’s Notice Form. The deadline is May 15, 2020.

>> Click here
>> Download MSWord version. (if your school is unable to access the Google form, use this one and submit to

Any questions about the procedure to designate an EARCOS Global Citizenship Award should be directed to Bill Oldread at this email address

Deadline – Community Service Grant – June 01, 2020

Questions about the Community Service Grant Application should be submitted via the required form to,no later that June 01, 2019, which is the deadline for receiving completed applications.

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>> Download MSWord version. (if your school is unable to access the Google form, use this one and submit to

Commemorative Materials:

EARCOS will provide an engraved plaque with the student's name, a travel wallet and a certificate to each school by May 15, 2020, which should arrive in time for the End-of-Year Awards Assemblies.