The Margaret Sanders Scholarship

Dear Colleagues:

Each year the Margaret Sanders Foundation awards several international school scholarships. We hope that some of your students will be interested in applying. The winners receive good coverage in several international publications. This past year,Janel Perez, the 2017/18 school year scholarship recipient from International School Manila was one of the four worldwide winners of the Margaret Sanders Scholarship—it would be wonderful if another student from the EARCOS region would be selected this year.

This year, AAIE has assumed administrative responsibility for the scholarship process. Each EARCOS school is invited to submit ONE application to AAIE for this scholarship. AAIE will in turn forward applications from EARCOS schools to the EARCOS office for selection of one application to submit to AAIE. If any of your students are interested, the application must be received by AAIE by November 30, 2018.

One thing I’ve learned is that a handsome portfolio and a well-written essay are of utmost importance.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Dick Krajczar
Executive Director

Bill Oldread
Assistant Director


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East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS)
Brentville Subdivision, Barangay Mamplasan,
Biñan, Laguna, 4024 Philippines

Phone: 63 (02) 697-9170
Fax: +63 (49) 511-4694



Born in 1910, Margaret Sanders often found herself working in a man's world where she held such jobs as advertising designer, writer, air traffic controller, photographer and international yearbook representative. Her career with Walsworth Publishing Company began in 1961 and during the subsequent four decades, she traveled the world assisting schools with the publication of their yearbooks. This exciting career afforded her the opportunity to develop a close identification with overseas "American/International" schools and their diverse and interesting populations.

While Margaret passed on in June, 2009, she left a legacy of giving through her scholarship fund in perpetuity.


Past winners from our region

2017-2018 JANEL PEREZ International School Manila, Philippines
2016-2017 CHLOE AUNG Yangon International School, Myanmar
2015-2016 JEANE KHANG Singapore American School, Singapore
2014-2015 KIN-SA TRANG NGO Saigon South International School, Vietnam
2013-2014 GAEA MORALES International School Manila, Philippines
2012-2013 RAYA BUENSUCESO Brent International School Manila, Philippines
2011-2012 JULIA SAUBIER International School Manila, Philippines
2010-2011 MANUELE CAVALLI-SFORZA International School Manila, Philippines
2009-2010 AISLING LEOW Singapore American School, Singapore
2008-2009 TRA MY LE Saigon South International School, Vietnam
2007-2008 CLARISSA SKINNER International School of Guangzhou, China
2006-2007 ELIZABETH COOPER American School in Japan
2005-2006 NATASHA GUTIERREZ International School of Manila, Philippines