In an ongoing effort to implement the EARCOS Strategic Plan, specifically Strategy E, to Conduct, communicate, and archive relevant data and research to identify and enhance exceptional educational practices, grants will be made available to encourage our teachers, administrators, and professional staff to conduct action research to improve educational practices for the purpose of enhancing student learning.

Action research is a reflective process, conducted in the school setting, to solve a real problem, or to improve and enhance the instructional process. This research may be undertaken by an individual, or by several people collaboratively. We invite you to peruse recently completed EARCOS Action Research reports, which can be found <here>

It is our belief that the results of such research will impact not only the researchersí practices but also those of others with whom they share their findings. To that end, grantees will be expected to publish their findings, which will be made available to all EARCOS members on the website. Some researchers may elect to present their work at a subsequent ETC, ELC, or publish it in the EARCOS Triannual Magazine.

At least five grants, in the amount of $1000 each will be awarded to researchers who conduct action research during the 2019-2020 school year. Those interested in pursuing this opportunity are asked to review the EARCOS Action Research Grant Guidelines posted on the website and to complete the EARCOS Action Research Grant Application also found on the EARCOS website and submit to the EARCOS office by February 1, 2019. The Application requires the signature of the head of school, deputy head, or curriculum coordinator indicating their approval to be considered. Grant proposals will be reviewed by the EARCOS office and awardees will be notified of acceptance by April 1, 2019. Grants will be made upon receipt of research results.

Dr. Richard Krajczar
Executive Director

Action Research Grant Guidelines and Goals

(Deadline for proposal is on February 1, 2019)
(Revised October 2009)

The goal of the EARCOS Action Research Grant is to encourage practitioners in our member schools to actively reflect on their educational practices as they relate to instruction, curriculum, assessment, and management and to share the results of that research with others in the region by means of a paper, to be archived on EARCOS website and possibly a workshop presentation at an EARCOS Teachers Conference.

1. The goal of your research should be the improvement of educational practice for the purpose of enhancing student learning.
2. The topic of your research should be pertinent to educational practice in general or to practices specific to international schools.
3. In the course of your research you should not deviate from established curriculum guidelines or assessment practices without the written approval of your school administration.
4. Complete the EARCOS Action Research Grant Application found on the EARCOS website (You must obtain the approval signature of the head of school, deputy head, or curriculum coordinator indicating their approval to be considered) and submit by email PDF attachment to the EARCOS office no later than February 1 to Bill Oldread at and Dick Krajczar at

5. Decisions will be made and applicants notified of approval by April 1.
6. Research should be conducted during the following school year. Grants will be paid upon receipt of an acceptable research paper.

>> Download Grant Proposal Form


Ethical Guidelines:

1. Your research will likely involve your students. Any research involving human beings should have as the primary goal to, "do no harm."
2. The confidentiality of students involved in your research must be respected.
3. Any and all published resources used in the process of your research must be cited.


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