Laos| April 24-25, 2020


Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to invite you next year Spring Heads' Institute/Retreat in Luang Prabang View Hotel, Laos. EARCOS is able to offer this opportunity each year to show our appreciation to the heads of our schools. EARCOS makes the institute complimentary to all who choose to attend. This includes conference registration and all of the EARCOS sponsored social events. It is our way of saying thank you for all you do to support our organization.

This promises to be a great-end-of-the-year program that will enable heads of our schools to come together in a supportive environment where camaraderie is of utmost importance. Heads who have attended this meeting in the past give the event high marks.

CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR, make your air and hotel reservations early and meet us in Luang Prabang View Hotel, Laos!

Date registration open: January 17, 2020


Dr. Edward Greene
EARCOS Executive Director


P.S. Please contact the EARCOS office to let us know that you will be attending.
For more information please contact Elaine Repatacodo at lrepatacodo@earcos.org



The Venue

Luang Prabang View Hotel

Phou Meo
Lao – Thai Friendship Rod
P.O. Box 675 Luang Prabang

The Heritage City in Northern of Laos. It boasts breathtaking with panoramic views of the countryside valley. The hotel’s construction began in 2007. It was a multimillion dollars project which took three years to complete. This truly magnificent hotel was restored to its original splendor and is easily among the best one can expect in this world Heritage City. Restoration work was guided by the renowned local exterior designer Mr. Boun Kham and the interior was designed by Mr. Ewan. Innovative and traditional colorful designs were used to restore entire rooms, right down to the finer detailing in draperies, ceilings, teak wood floors and murals.

Today, each category of the rooms represents a myriad of cultures and eras. The public areas available for viewing provide a glimpse of the rich history of the building. When the Luangprabang View Hotel opened its doors, it was presented as a gift to the Heritage City. Since then it has been the recipient of numerous awards for both its architecture and design and has been the scene for important event details. Today, each category of the rooms represents an inner detailing in draperies, ceilings, teak wood floors and murals.

Visit website: http://luangprabangview.com/




DR. SHABBI LUTHRA, CEO, Consilience Education Foundation

Dr. Shabbi Luthra has worked for over three decades in various teaching and leadership roles in the field of educational technology and innovation leadership in international schools. Her expertise includes envisioning, deploying and providing guidance in the areas of technology integration programs, staff development, building technology leadership at all levels of a school, and innovation leadership and management in schools and organizations. Her work is focused on the development of stakeholder ownership, and on the creation of learning environments that support students’ acquisition of skills for their future.

She has led research in laptop learning programs and started the International Research Collaborative, a consortium of international schools that research and study their laptop programs. She presents workshops and seminars at conferences around the world and provides consultative advice to schools on technology planning, technology integration, and innovation leadership. She has served as director of Research and Development at the American School of Bombay and has led educators to study, design, prototype and research new designs of schooling and sustainable innovation for relevant learning.

The co-author of “R&D Your School: How to Start, Grow, and Sustain Your School’s Innovation Engine,” she has also led the publication of seven volumes of Future Forwards, a research publication that captures the innovation ideas and prototypes at the American School of Bombay and beyond.

She is leading the use of data to inform learning in schools through the design of learning analytics and data visualizations in the Learning Analytics Collaborative. One of her graduate degrees is a master’s degree in education (curriculum and instruction) from the University of Houston. She also holds a doctorate in educational media and technology from Boston University. You can connect with Shabbi via twitter @shluthra and email Shabbi@consiliencelearning.org