Teacher Workshop Presenters


Ed Kids: Helping Your Child Succeed as a Student Where You Teach - The children of educators in international schools face a unique set of challenges both in and out of school. Ed kids not only deal with issues that most TCKS face but grapple with an additional layer of managing the dual-roles of their parents and the other adults. This workshop will cover strategies to better support an Ed kid and work more effectively with them. This workshop is intended both for teachers who are parents and those who are not.

Biography: Melissa is the middle school counselor at Seoul International School. She is from Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) where she worked at Spanish Immersion Elementary School. Ms. Berg especially enjoys working with young students in the areas of talent development and team building, as she believes that these skills will best equip children and teenagers to be happy, passionate, and successful students.

Understanding and Responding to Students Who Self Harm - The workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents, including empirical findings and trends, and evidence-based intervention strategies. Issues of confidentiality, social contagion, and cultural sensitivity will be addressed, and a protocol for working with students who self harm will be shared. Workshop participants will receive a workbook with ready-to-use worksheets and activities.

Biography: Maja is a counselor, psychotherapist, and psychologist who has worked in international education for nearly ten years. She holds two master’s degrees—one in experimental psychology and one in child and adolescent developmental psychology, and has an extensive background in postmodern approaches to psychotherapy and counseling, namely constructivist and narrative psychotherapy.

How to Create and Implement a Comprehensive Peer Counseling Program - Being a peer counselor in high school not only gave me a purpose in life, it saved my life. In this workshop I will teach you how to create and implement a peer counseling program within your high school, beginning with the course proposal and ending with how to foster a strong program. If you want to create a warmer, more supportive climate within your school, this is the workshop for you!

Biography: Originally from northern California, Scott knew as a junior in high school that he wanted to become a high school counselor. He received his BA in psychology from UC Santa Cruz in 2007, his MA in school counseling from Sonoma State University in 2009, and moved to the Middle East upon graduating. After six years in Dubai he now works in Shanghai.



Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Authentic Assessment: Instructional Tools for Standards Based Grading in Music
- Authentic assessment uses instructional tools such as self-assessment, progress monitoring, and student reflection in building evidence-based products such as digital portfolios in relation to standards based grading. Authentic assessment simultaneously ties student ownership of learning with accountability while measuring, assessing and tracking knowledge, performance, and growth.

Biography: Originally from Pensacola Beach, Florida, David earned his bachelor’s degree in music education (K-12) from the University of Southern Mississippi, minoring in psychology and sociology. Soon after, he began his teaching career in central Florida. Subsequently, Mr. Allen earned his master’s degree in education with an emphasis incurriculum & program development administration from the National-Louis University at the National College of Education. In his 26-year career, his concert bands and jazz bands have consistently earned superior ratings at Florida Bandmaster’s Association music festivals and contests. Most recently, his middle school band won the Disney Arts Festival Award in 2014 and 2015. In addition, his middle school band was designated a superior band program by the Florida Department of Education, Florida Schools Music Associationk, and the Florida Bandmaster’s Association. Currently, he is finishing a doctorate degree in higher education leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Introductory 3-D Printing
- This workshop will introduce and show how we integrate 3-D printing into the design technology classroom practice. It will give a brief introduction to the technology and industry. It will highlight the technology required (hardware and software) and show how we incorporate the technology into all project-based lessons and programs. Both individual and collaborative/group work approaches will be discussed.

Biography: Rob Anderson has been teaching design and technology subjects for 20-plus years; he has a very keen interest in encompassing current industry practices and technology into classroom experiences for students. Rob’s commitment is to daily offer opportunities to students that allow them to not only feel comfortable in interacting with this changing world of school and work, but feel empowered to change it for the better.

Target Audience: Grades 4 – 10
Film Music: An Inquiry into How Musicians Communicate
- In this interactive workshop discover how to take your students from graphic scores to rhythmic notation to notating for an ensemble using short films and percussion instruments.

Biography: Alison has been teaching music in a range of international settings for nine years. She has taught predominantly in IB schools with students between the ages of three and 20. A singer by training, she enjoys teaching students who are new to reading, writing, and performing music. She is currently teaching at Vientiane International School in Laos.

Target Audience: High School
Visual Art Exploration: An Investigation of Learning Together in an Inquiry-Based Environment
- During this workshop, teachers will investigate visual art exploration. How can early years students and secondary students learn together? What can they learn from each other? How do they inspire each other to make more meaning out of the their learning? We will investigate a project between these two groups to discover the importance of doing more cross-age learning by using visible thinking routines Project Zero, and Habits of Mind resources.

Biography: Lucy is a practicing artist and designer who has taught art and design for 30 years in a variety of settings and lead roles, from secondary school to university. She is currently teaching visual art in middle and senior school in China, Lucy has a keen interest in enabling students to see possibilities and experiment with their work. She delights in seeing students enjoy the process of discovering how good their creative ability really is.
Kristin is an early years teacher and learner. She has been in the field of education for many years and has had myriad roles such as teacher, curriculum coordinator, principal, international workshop leader, department coordinator, consultant, and creator of Reggio Emilia networks. She has worked in the United States, Indonesia, and China. As an educator and advocate for children, Kristin strives to see all the possibilities in children and teachers.

Target Audience: Middle School / High School
Active Listening in the Classroom
- Do you ever find yourself asking your students to listen, but wonder why they can’t do it? One of the basic building blocks of communication, and one of the most difficult skills to learn and practice, is effective active listening. This is an interactive workshop that explores how to be an active listener. It provides teachers with practical ways to demonstrate active listening to students so that they understand what makes an empathetic, engaged listener. It also looks at teachers as active listeners and whether we are really listening to our students in the classroom.

Biography: Shani believes fervently in the power of drama to inspire students to be creative, gain confidence, and enrich their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Having taken to the stage at a young age, Shani shares a passion for drama and wishes to share this with students. The love for travel and photography, led to a move to Singapore, where Shani has been teaching for the past four years. Whilst here, Shani has taught drama projects for NGOs, and school students, both in Cambodia and Japan. Shani has travelled extensively in the EARCOS region.

Target Audience: All Documentary
Filmmaking PartTwo
- By close reference to his film,‘The Undertaker’Andrea will give an insight into the creative pro- cess and provide teachers with access to documentation from the film that can be used in classrooms.

Target Audience: Middle School / High School
Thinking Outside The ’Bachs’ - Music for Non-Musicians
- Traditional music programs in international schools face unique challenges. By offering non-traditional band or orchestra students can still receive a quality music education. In this workshop, James discusses various ideas for non-traditional music offerings, and presents the benefits he has found by offering courses like songwriting & guitar, history of rock, audio production, and percussion ensemble.

Biography: Jay is in his fourth year teaching music at the Thai-Chinese International School in Bangkok. In addition to nine years of teaching music, he has worked closely with Kids in a New Groove, an Austin-based non-profit that provides music lessons to foster children. Jay worked in Nashville, TN, for a number of years as a songwriter and audio engineer.

Target Audience: K – 12
iPad Apps that Can Be Used with Any Homeroom Subject
- There are many great apps available that can do many tasks, but finding which app is best for what task, takes time. I will share four of my all-time favorite apps that I regularly use in grades K-5 at my school’s one-to-one iPad setting. Show Me, Book Creator, Aurasma, and Nearpod are critical thinking apps that can be used in any grade level and in any subject area. "Please download these four apps at no cost from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store before hand."

Biography: Sarah grew up overseas as her parents were international teachers. She always knew that she wanted to live the same life. She is in her eighth year teaching technology. Sarah has taught everything from grade one technology to middle school video production to high school Advanced Placement 2D design. Her teaching career started in Frisco, Texas, and more recently has taken her to International School of Myanmar and now to the Korea International School, Jeju Campus, where she is an elementary technology integrator.

Target Audience: Grades 6 – 12
Concert Preparation for Dummies
- This workshop will provide teachers with a detailed timeline and “to-do” list of things that need to be done to prepare for a concert of any kind. Strategies for classroom time management including “backward planning” and assessments related to concert repertoire will be discussed. The goal of this workshop is to give teachers the tools they need to plan concerts with less stress and last-minute frustration.

Biography: Tamara is currently the head of department for the visual and performing arts at Brent International School Subic (Philippines). She teaches concert band, grades 5 to 12, and has been teaching band and general music classes at Brent for 20 years. She has filled many roles in a small school, including heavy involvement in elementary/middle/high school productions, chapel services, recitals, talent shows, and numerous band and choir concerts.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Google Sites, e-Sketchbooks, and Design -
This workshop will walk participants through the rationale of an e-sketchbook, setting up an e-sketchbook model, creating the template to share with students, and having students set up their sketchbook for use in design from MYP years 1 to 5 (and DP if desired). Participants are welcome to bring their laptops to put their learning into practice!

Biography: Bruce took his first computer course in 1978 and has been teaching technology around the world since 1992. Among the courses he has taught are multi-media, website design, programming (in several different languages), computer animation, CAD, robotics, multimedia, journalism and yearbook. Currently Bruce is the MYP design teacher at the International School of Ulaanbaatar.

Target Audience: All
Using Improvisational Theater to Enhance Social Emotional Learning
- This interactive workshop will use improvisational theatre exercises and activity processing techniques to provide participants with the skills and confidence they need to help the children they work with develop skills of self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship skills. Participants do not need to have any previous improvisational acting experience.

Biography: John is a middle school counselor at Shanghai American School. In addition to his work as a counselor, John has also taught secondary theatre as well as applied ‘improv’ to adults and corporations. John has found ‘improv’ to be an accessible avenue for students of all ages to learn the social and emotional skills they need to develop into happy, well-adjusted members of their communities.

Target Audience: All levels
Looking at the Student-Athlete through the Lens of Community Service in Aquatics
- The presentation will focus on service learning programs (specifically the success of the Swim For Life program at United Nations International School [UNIS] Hanoi) and explore the authentic connections made between various programs in which students are involved — physical education, service learning, and sports. Swim for Life addresses community needs for swimming and water safety. Vietnamese children from under-privileged families, including the disabled, homeless and local school children, have benefited from our direct-service program. The presentation will focus on: student success in service programs connecting PE, service, and sports; specialized training for students, and real world applications.

Biography: Ella is aquatics coordinator, coach, and swim teacher at the United Nations International School in Hanoi, Vietnam. She has worked in various international schools and clubs, and has, over the last ten years at UNIS, developed the D-12 aquatics curriculum, co-curricular aquatics academy and community Swim for Life program.

Target Audience: Elementary School
Elementary Drama Integration
- This workshop is a great introduction to integrating drama into your homeroom teaching practice. Strategies range from quick and easy to implement to deeper, more unit-based ideas. Please bring your curriculum, as we will discuss how you can use drama to enhance student understanding in your existing units. No background in drama, “Thespian for life” . . . No problem . . . all are welcome and there is something for everyone!

Biography: Grace is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, and is the village school drama specialist at Chadwick International. A long-time lover of the arts, she has been involved in dozens of theatrical productions as director, stage manager, producer, and performer. After founding CI’s PYP drama program last year, she expanded the program to teach drama to all elementary grade levels. Grace is passionate about sharing her love of the arts with young people.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Creative Uses With ipads for All Subjects
- Explore exciting ways to create and reflect with a variety of iPad apps in any classroom. Examples of how to capture student understanding by combining text and photography will be offered. Rebecca will show that incorporating apps into the classroom is not about replacing traditional media, but enhancing what we do. Participants will be exposed to a variety of manipulation and reflection of relevant iPad apps. Tangible samples and resources from the classroom will be shared with participants. Participants can bring their own iPads with Wordfoto, Superimpose, MovieFX, Pic Collage and LifeCards downloaded

Biography: Rebecca is the middle school art teacher at Saigon South International School. Over the past 17 years she has taught visual art to all grade levels in Adelaide, Australia; Londonl; Al Ain, United Arab Emirates; Hangzhou, China; Accra, Ghana; and, now in Vietnam. She has trained teachers in creative uses of the iPad in Ghana, Vietnam, and at the 2014 Vietnam Tech Conference. Rebecca is a current COETAILer and Google Certified Educator, who has a passion for combining paint with pixels and app mashing. You can find out more about Mrs. Jardin on her Blog:https://rjardin.wordpress.com.

Target Audience: All
Best Practices for Teaching Video Production, Filmmaking, or Broadcast Journalism
- Learn tips and tutorials on how students can make high quality videos. Learn about which low-cost or high-end filming equipment to get your hands on and how to help kids use it effectively. You will learn how to guide your students through planning, filming, and editing. You will view examples of excellent student work. Participants will research how to start their own media program. You will be able to grab some sample curriculum maps, lesson plans, rubrics, etc.

Biography: Jefferson is a video production teacher at an international school in Korea. Before becoming a teacher he studied and designed media. He is in his sixth year of teaching video and filmmaking classes. His students make high-quality school-wide media. Jefferson has founded and designed successful media programs and curriculum at two different international schools. He has shared his tips and techniques at other professional development conferences.

Target Audience K – 12
The World is a Stage: Drama Exercises in the Classroom
- This is an interactive and collaborative workshop that will share dramatic tools that teachers can utilize for a variety of purposes from team building to teaching literacy, numeracy, and speaking skills.The work- shop will also feature short high quality video clips of students leading drama exercise that teachers can use as warm-up to prepare for classroom presentations and performances.

Biography: Hannah has balanced on a three pose at the Eiffel Tower, The Great Wall, and in Times Square, while reciting the opening verse from Titus Andronicus. Hannah has studied acting in New York, is a certified yoga instructor, and has a master of education from Simon Fraser University. And, as unassuming young lads at the International School of Beijing suddenly start to recite the Bard over lunchtime, it is evident that Hannah’s theatre bug is spreading.

Target Audience: Grades 6 – 12
Cultivating Empathy in the Drama Classroom
-This Workshop is designed to explore authentic and meaningful ways to develop empathy in the drama classroom. The word ‘Empathy’ is a popular term in Education but how often is it fully understood and demonstrated by our students? How as teachers can we cultivate an environment where empathy becomes more than a word? How can empathy become action? This workshop attempts to answer these questions and provide teachers with activities that help create effective and meaningful empathy in their classroom.

Biography: Since playing the role of Widow Twankey in Aladdin, Annie has maintained a passion for drama and theatre. Annie has over 20 years of experience teaching and working with young people in a range of settings—at summer play schemes; in refugee camps; in language schools; and in secondary schools in Europe and Asia. Annie firmly believes that drama is a powerful tool for self-development and change; and, she is grateful for every opportunity to ‘collaborate’ and ‘create’ with people from all over the world.

Target Audience: All
ART-inculating Understanding: Integrating a Creative Literacy in the PYP
- TThrough collaboration, visual arts is used as a tool to allow students to develop and articulate conceptual understanding. The PYP learners have become more motivated to inquire, deepen their understanding, and have generated more authentic connections across the curriculum. In this practical session, Resham and Toyoko share a case study, exploring how they integrated visual arts into curriculum, while facilitating creativity and growth of the students and the teachers.

Biography: Resham has been teaching PYP over 15 years and is a IBEN workshop leader and site visitor. She is enthusiastic about learning and exploring ideas to enhance students’ learning. Resham is an avid reader and writer and enjoys travelling.

Toyoko has been teaching PYP art for over 12 years in a variety of international schools in Japan. She has designed and implemented PYP art curriculum and continues to experiment with art. She is a local painter who has her own exhibitions twice a year.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Movement Learning & Assessment with Digital Tools
- Movement is often a subjective and ephemeral way of learning. How can we view and ‘judge’ it fairly? Using digital tools, educators in this workshop will discuss rubrics for sport and arts movement content. We’ll apply common language for movement learning to both grades-based and standards-based assessment models. Bring a lesson/unit to work with.

Biography: Jaleea is a movement educator with experience teaching sports and non-sports movement studies for more than 10 years. Currently on the faculty at International School Bangkok, she enjoys being a ‘crossover’ teacher in different divisions with both arts and physical education content areas. She also teaches film and enjoys connecting arts and movement to everyday life—both on camera and in the real world.

Target Audience: Middle School
Using Improvisation and Theatre Sports to Develop Creative Confidence
- Participants in this workshop will discover the power of improvisation and experience a variety of improvisation activities and games that can be taken back to the classroom straight away to help develop creative and critical thinkers. The workshop will be practical, physical, and require active participation. The workshop will also look at student engagement data in a theatre sports curriculum class and how outside influences can impact the work we do in improvisation and also how improvisation can have an impact on other areas of learning.

Biography: Michael is from New Zealand and has taught for 18 years in New Zealand, London, Korea, and now in Thailand. Currently, Michael teaches middle school drama at International School Bangkok. As an educator, Michael specializes in the performing arts of music, dance, and drama, and has done so for 14 years. He has performed in professional and amateur theatre in New Zealand. While living in Christchurch, he worked briefly for an improvisation company performing for corporate events.

Target Audience: Elementary School
Primary Music in a Dual Language Context: English and Chinese
- In this session, Dr. Tanner shares his expansive experience, research, and teaching materials that support a dual-language program. Participants will: * Learn a variety of Chinese and bilingual songs of traditional and original origin. * Learn the movements to songs in conjunction with percussion and Orff instruments. * Develop a wider understanding of integrating dual language studies into the music program, with an emphasis on Chinese and English.

Biography: Dr. Tanner is an artist and research-practitioner in primary education at Chinese International School in Hong Kong. A veteran teacher, he has taught various subjects in Canada, and for the past 17 years has been a primary music specialist at the Chinese International School. He is a published songwriter and singer with two songbooks and five solo albums. Dr. Tanner has brought this experience together by performing in worldwide concert tours.

Target Audience: K – 12
Visual Literacy Bootcamp: When Technology Shifts, It Bends the Culture!
- Visual communication is a fundamental part of the digital-age. Teachers need to create more effective pieces of visual communication from posters to full presentations and to enable students (any age) to do likewise. The session aims to increase deeper student learning and metacognitive reflection. Sean will show how to employ critical thinking skills and interaction with content through the development of effective pieces of visual communication. This session will raise awareness of basic design principles and skill development to this end.

Biography: Sean is an educational technologies integrator at Sacred Heart International School in Tokyo. He enjoys a range of sharing avenues as an IBEN workshop leader, Google Certified Trainer, and Apple Distinguished Educator. Naturally, as a technology specialist, he seeks to maximize the benefits for all participants by creating web-based resources to enable the learning and connections to continue long after the lights go down. Join his Personal Learning Network (PLN)!

Target Audience: K – 12
Embrace the Math in Your Special - It’s Worth It!
- How is math valuable to athletes, artists, and musicians? Could you inspire your students to be a persona of many accomplishments like the great thinkers and doers of the Renaissance? You can engage students, drawing on complex bodies of knowledge to develop abilities in all areas of accomplishment, e.g., intellectual, artistic, social, and physical. Knowing math practices and big ideas will allow you to enhance student learning throughout valuable connections, improving problem solving, and more.

Biography: Lucy is currently a fifth grade classroom teacher at the International School of Kuala Lumpur, where she is the math curricular leader for the elementary school.

Linda has been teaching for over 15 years. Her experience includes middle school math, science and physical education. She is in her third year at the International School of Kuala Lumpur, teaching sixth grade math and science.

Target Audience: All levels
Google Apps + iPads: Enhancing Student Learning in PE!
- In this session we will look at how using Apple iPad apps and Google apps for education will enhance student learning in physical education. The workflow of this session will take participants through the creative ways to utilize information technology for formative assessments, tracking student progress and managing student data in PE. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of how traditional PE activities and technology are combined to create a positive mixture of discovery and critical thinking while staying active in class.

Biography: Anne was a Peace Corps volunteer in the rural community health sector in Benin, West Africa, prior to starting her international teaching career at Singapore American School. The past nine years she has been teaching elementary physical education and is also presently a department coordinator and wellness co-coordinator at SAS. In 2013, Anne became an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google Certified Innovator, which has motivated her to lead various workshops on best practices for technology integration in PE. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in educational leadership from USC-Rossier School of Education.


Helping Students “Manage Their Mind” through Guidance Lessons - This interactive presentation will provide counselors with a series of ready-to-deliver and differentiated guidance lessons focusing on student self-management. Counselors will gain insight regarding the learning objectives and content of each lesson, along with familiarity in delivery through participation in several collaborative activities. Strategies aim to help students practice and strengthen affective skills for emotional management, self-motivation, resilience, and mindfulness. Full keynote presentations, directions, resources/videos cited, and supply list will be provided.

Biography: Described as having “contagious enthusiasm,” Catherine is a highly engaged counselor who believes in a strength-based approach. Originally from Minnesota, U.S.A., Catherine serves as middle school counselor with Shanghai Community International School. Her interactive, push-and-play lessons have been delivered to nearly 300 students by 27 teacher advisors. In sharing her guidance programs and connecting with other counselors during the conference, she hopes to feed and foster her “Gallup Strengths” of positivity, input, arranger, woo, and empathy.

Do We Really Need Multicultural Crayons? Build Your Cultural Competence - As educators, we need to be as open-minded and culturally competent as possible. This workshop will challenge you to discover your own prejudices and why it is important to gain cultural awareness, especially as an international school educator. This session will be interactive and insightful and give you ideas of how to provide diversity and cultural awareness trainings for your school.

Biography: Shelly has been an elementary and/or middle school counselor for the past nine years in the United States, South Korea, and the Philippines. Before school counseling, she was a high school social studies teacher and has worked with students, ages 3-19, in a variety of educational settings. Roseana worked as a vocational guidance/family counselor for several years for the state of Michigan. For the last three years she has been overseas in the role of a school counselor/college placement and middle school counselor. Growing up in South America and later moving to the United States, the Caribbean, and the Philippines, Roseana has extensive experience with cultural awareness from many perspectives and in many different roles.


Freshman Seminar-HS Transition Support - This workshop provides an overview of the freshman seminar program ran at International School Bangkok. The program includes 20-plus diverse classroom sessions aimed at supporting students to achieve a healthy transition to high school life. This session will also afford time for professionals to share best practices and creative ideas in relation to this important transition.

Biography: Kevin is presently serving in his third year as a ninth grade counselor at International School Bangkok. Prior to that he had worked in ISB’s middle school for two years. This combination has served as a fantastic viewpoint to observe the transition from middle to high. Due to this expanding perspective, he has been able to adjust and renovate a ninth grade program that has been in place at ISB for many years.

Target Audience: Elementary School
SuperGym: Designing a Remedial Motor Skill Program for Your School
- This presentation focuses on the motor remedial therapy program, which is being used at United Nations International School (UNIS) Hanoi. The program involved a motor skill screening for all students in the school in kindergarten 1 and kindergarten 2, which is based on the established Dutch system. Selected students are then involved in a 10-week program aimed at filling the gaps in their motor skill development.

Biography: Andy is an experienced and passionate physical education teacher from Adelaide, Australia. He is in his tenth year of teaching and has taught in a variety of countries and with various age groups, subject areas, and socio-economic levels. He is an expert engaging children in enjoyable active learning, which enhances their education experience. Andy is driven by the students he teaches and he is passionate about enhancing their movement activities.

Please Be Advised: Making Advisory Meaningful for Students - This workshop is designed to help teachers leverage their personal strengths to make their advisory meetings more meaningful and memorable. There will be activities, so please bring something to write with and readiness to talk within a group.

Biography: Gray taught history for 10 years in the US and internationally. He has been a counselor and testing coordinator at Seoul International School since 2010, and has been a middle school advisor since the program began in 2013. Gray is also a certified coaching clinic facilitator through Corporate Coach U; he is in the process of completing his EdD in educational leadership.

The Power of Adult Influence: Practical Advice for Talking to Students about Substance Abuse - As a teacher, counselor or administrator, you are often some of the first adults to notice when something is troubling a student. One thing is certain about teen substance abuse – the power of a non-parent role model should not be underestimated. In this session, you will learn signs, symptoms, and current trends of substance use/abuse and strategies for having impactful and nonthreatening interaction with students about your concerns.

Biography: Kathleen has been a counselor for 23 years, and has worked in international schools for the last 14, first in Hamburg, then Prague and currently Bangkok, Thailand. Previous to coming overseas, Kathleen was a Student Assistance Facilitator/Drug and Alcohol counselor and a Juvenile Probation Officer in the state of Oregon. Tara is in her 6th year of school counseling, 5 of those years in international schools. She started as an elementary counselor in Wisconsin, then moved to Hanoi and worked as a middle school and high school counselor. Now Tara is at NIST International School in Bangkok as a middle school counselor.


Target Audience: All levels
Drama — Drama Games/ Warm Ups for Any Class
- Keith will teach ten different drama/ warm-up games that can be used in any classroom. Each activity can be done for as little as five minutes. They are great to improve classroom focus and teamwork.

Biography: Keith is a performing arts teacher at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS). He is responsible for teaching music and drama to all students in grades K-5. He is also an avid director and has directed over 75 musicals and plays in his career. Keith is also a member of the EARCOS Teacher Advisory Committee, a position he has held for the past four years.

Target Audience: K – 12
Conceptual Co-Teaching Relationships
- The presenters will demonstrate the elements required to implement conceptual co-teaching and give examples of how it works. Nicky and Beth will explain how they foster a conceptually-based teaching and learning environment that maintains the integrity of concepts, while causing learning outcomes to materialize as the consequence. In addition, they will share examples of intentional teaching that still maintains the integrity of the written curriculum.

Biography: Nicky is an elementary teacher at NIST International School in Bangkok. She is an IB workshop leader and has led workshops across Asia Pacific since 2009. She has over 15 years of teaching experience across elementary grade levels in New Zealand, Vietnam, and Thailand. Nicky holds a bachelor’s degree in education and sociology. She tweets as @bourgeois1 and endeavors to only share what is truly evident in her classroom and teaching practice.

Beth is an EAL teacher and the Elementary EAL and Language Coordinator at NIST International School. Beth is a workshop leader and visiting team leader, and has been part of IBPYP curriculum development and review. Beth has 20 years of experience as a language specialist and has worked at schools in the United States, Czech Republic, Thailand, Ukraine, Malaysia and Australia. Beth holds a Master?s Degree in TESOL. She tweets at @bqdressler.

Target Audience: K – 12
Powerful Peer Observations
— Tapping into the Elective Teacher Experience - Calling all music, physical education, fine art teachers, and their administrators! Have you wanted to start a non-evaluative observation system and do not know where to start? Participants in this workshop will be given practical and ready-to-use resources to begin a teachers-observing-teachers protocol. Specific techniques will be explored, including pre/post conferencing, non-evaluative data collection, and scheduling. Special emphasis will be given to our elective/specials teachers and the unique insight they provide the process.

Biography: Chris is director of curriculum and instruction at Chiang Mai International School. He facilitates teacher professional development, curriculum design, and instructional coaching. Prior to CMIS, Chris worked for the Chandler Unified School District in Chandler, AZ, and was adjunct faculty at Arizona State University.

Nel is elementary and middle school principal at Chiang Mai International School. She oversees teacher development, peer coaching, and instructional design. Nel has been a principal in Arizona and part of the faculty at Northern Arizona University.

Target Audience: Middle School
Using Debate in the Classroom
- Being able to communicate clearly and with evidences is a key skill for students across the world. This workshop will present ideas on how to integrate debate into 5th through 12th grade classrooms through different approaches and styles. Ideas applicable to a range of subject areas will be shared, and listening skills and using evidence to support claims will be highlighted.

Biography: Andrea Cox Christen has been an educator for fifteen years. She has achieved the diamond-level with the National Speech and Debate Association, and she coached debate in the U.S. for ten years. She has her Master in Education from Montana State University-Billings, and this is her first year teaching internationally.

Target Audience: Elementary School
Visual Arts in the Primary School: Integration and Collaboration
- Single-subject teachers sometimes find it challenging to make authentic connections to the central idea within a transdisciplinary programme of inquiry. This workshop will show how visual art projects in the primary school can be integrated with homeroom learning, helping students to develop their understanding of the central idea. Through careful selection of concepts and effective collaboration among the arts teachers (e.g. visual arts, music) and homeroom teachers, coherence in student learning can be promoted.

Biography: Mary is the elementary principal and deputy head at Bandung Independent School, Indonesia. She also teaches some of the visual arts classes in the primary school. Mary is an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program workshop leader and has worked for eight years in a PYP school, for some of that time as a classroom teacher and PYP coordinator. She is passionate about creating a culture of collaboration and integrating the arts with other areas of the curriculum.

Target Audience: All
Mindful Mandalas: Research, Studio Investigation, and Reflections
- This mandala will be divided into three parts. The first part will include a presentation about the research of mindfulness and mandalas, famous artist that explore mandalas, and examples of student creations. The second part will be a studio investigation of either nature or mandala drawing creations. The third part will be a reflection period divided by grade levels discussing how teachers may include mandala lessons in their art program.

Biography: Amy is originally from New York, USA. She is a New York state certified instructor in visual arts education preK-12. Currently she is an elementary and middle school art teacher at the American School of Bangkok. Amy is interested in positive healing aspects of mandala making in the arts classroom. She is also a professional painter exploring the use of mandalas in portrait paintings.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Design Thinking — Freeware and the Design Cycle
- How is design thinking applied in the design cycle? Open sourced software in the classroom is used to implement truly international learning networks based on design thinking skills. Current student-led projects will be presented to demonstrate global design thinking based on the framework of the IB design cycle.

Biography: Jesse is an IB middle years program design educator with 11 years of teaching experience. Originally from Victoria, Australia, he has worked internationally in China and Peru, and is also an IB educator network (IBEN) member.

Jo is a design technology educator who has been teaching internationally for 10 years in IB, ENC, NZNCEA, and BSocSc psychology honors.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Status Is More Than Just a Facebook Update
- Relationships are at the core of most young people’s lives, so the concept of “status” or relative social position is an easy one to introduce. Teach your students how status can be a fun tool in their characterization toolbox. Take part in a status war and fight for high and low status. Use status as a stimulus for improvisation and mask work. This hands-on workshop will provide a week’s worth of activities that can be “scaffolded” to all levels of drama or be used as activities to stimulate advisory discussions about relationships and how we treat others.

Biography: Leanne has been working in the international school arena now for 18 years. She has taught in Mexico, England, Malaysia, and is currently the middle school drama teacher at Singapore American School. Leanne also works for the International School Theater Association, helping to run festivals and professional development for theater educators.

Target Audience: All
Warm-up and Tuning from the Inside Out
- This workshop will present ideas to instrumental music teachers on improved intonation through warm-up and ear-training exercises. The goal would be to help students produce quality sounds and improve the overall intonation of any ensemble.

Biography: Michael is a 20-plus year band director teaching in Seoul, Korea. Mr. Ganus has taught at every level of instrumental music from those just starting out to more advanced students going into college and into careers as music educators. He lives in South Korea with his wife and three daughters.

Target Audience: K – 12
The Swinging Pendulum: Finding the Balance Between Tech & Traditional Learning
- Everything in life requires balance. Digital learning is being hailed as the way of the future. As with most educational beliefs, things tend to swing in an extreme direction. From demonstrating quality of writing in traditional vs. technology methods, to the ease of doing math, music, PSPE, and science, this session will explore and present a tool that will show how to find a balance in technology when developing your classroom environment, units, and lessons.

Biography: Andrew is a classroom teacher, passionate educational technology geek, and Google Certified Teacher/Google for Education Trainer. He has been providing training on a variety of topics including all things Google, the 21st century classroom environment, tech philosophy, Apple Core technologies, and much more. He prides himself on creating independent, inquiring learners. He has been a classroom teacher for eight years and is currently a grade three teacher at Hong Kong International School.

Target Audience: Elementary School
Using Technology to Engage Student
- Attendees will see examples of how to implement a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy in their classrooms. We will examine how to use online word processing to allow students to write and edit collaboratively. We will also discuss some of the safety and security issues one should consider when implementing a BYOD policy.

Biography: Seth has taught English as an additional language in South Korea and Canada, and has been an elementary classroom teacher in Canada and Indonesia. He was also a special education teacher at a fly-in First Nations reserve in northern Canada, where he implemented a successful school-wide literacy program. Seth is a certified Google Educator, and enjoys helping his students learn how to find answers to their questions and share what they have learned using technology.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Increasing Fitness in PE (Challenging the Gifted, Differentiation, Readymade Workouts)
- Introducing a challenging and rewarding session that will help raise fitness level in physical education through data driven research and dialogue and a complete set of international school fitness standards in which they can implement immediately. Introducing a student friendly running program that is fun and challenging and includes voice and choice with differentiated, ready-to-use fitness workouts. Participants will be introduced to a way to raise the level of students whom struggle with fitness and at the same time bring their parents on board through differentiated learning.

Biography: Lien is an experienced and passionate physical educator at International School Bangkok. Lien has 12 years of experience in physical education.

Dave is an experienced and passionate physical educators at the International School of Bangkok. He has 21 years’ experience as a physical education teacher and athletic director.

Target Audience: Kindergarten, Elementary, English as an Additional Language Teachers
Energize Your Classroom With Music and Movement
- Music and movement activities can energize young learners and help all students be successful. Experience brain compatible activities that support the outcomes of inquiry-based curricula, such as PYP and music/dance programs. In this workshop you will learn simple music and movement activities that every teacher can do. These include short energizers to use throughout the school day as well as activities based on topics such as play, seas and oceans, storytelling, living things, and healthy choices.

Biography: As a dance/music/ English as an additional language specialist teacher in the PYP, Kathleen develops arts-based strategies for young learners by creating links between units of inquiry and the arts. Her teaching strategies and music compositions have been inspired by Anne Green Gilbert’s brain compatible dance education. Kathleen is a member of Dance and the Child International, and various English teachers’ groups. She has given numerous workshops on music, dance, and English language teaching around the globe.

Target Audience: All
From Private to Public (Process, Reflection, and Showcase)
- Process, reflection, and showcasing work have always been the cornerstone to the visual arts classrooms. It’s these practices that need to become commonplace in every classroom regardless of content area. In this workshop, we will provide research-based reasons why/how this can be applied in all subject areas. Specifically, we will show the application of several digital tools that can be used in any classroom for: idea development, analysis, reflection (as a result of feedback), and sharing.

Biography: Cathy is a high school visual arts teacher and the visual arts department head at Ruamrudee International School in Bangkok. She has been teaching art for 19 years to a variety of age levels from pre-school to grade 12. Cathy is also an IB visual rts teacher and an IB visual arts examiner.

Gretchen (ATR) has been an educator for the last eighteen years, ten internationally. The last five years have been in middle school administration at Ruamrudee in Bangkok, and the thirteen years prior were as both a K-12 visual arts and special educator. Due to her background as a registered art therapist, she is passionate about ensuring that the needs of the whole child are addressed within an educational setting. She has taught IB art and is currently an IB visual arts team leader and examiner.

Target Audience: K – 12
Making Goals into Gold: The Alchemy of Values
- The presentation will take the following format: 1) Brief history of core values within physical education programs. 2) Discussion of how to choose which core values to emphasize in your physical education program at your school. 3) Discussion of how to use formative/summative assessments to evaluate whether the core values you have chosen for your physical education program are being met by staff and students.

Biography: Derek attended San Francisco public schools and Colby College, where he received a BA in philosophy. After college, Derek taught environmental education in the Peace Corps in El Salvador, special education for three years stateside, elementary physical education in Paraguay at American School of Asuncionm and ES/MS/HS PE in Taiwan at the American School in Taichung. Throughout these varied settings Derek has pondered what it means to be a good person/athlete.

Target Audience: K – 12
Adding Punch to Performance: The Punch & Judy Show
- This workshop examines, and demonstrates with actual puppets, the unique performance conventions of a Punch & Judy Show: the cast; the props; the essential episodes. A brief review of history is followed by an exploration of sample scripts and lesson plans. Creative opportunities for improvisation and try-outs with Punch’s unique quips and vocalizations should add to the hilarity and suggest myriads of ideas to use back in the drama studio. The many obstacles on the way to performing a show at a school fair are painfully revisited!

Biography: Kevin is advisor to HKIS Magic Club and for many years organized the school’s musical theater productions. As part of service to underprivileged children in Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, and Vietnam, he runs pupoet shows with Hong Kong International School students.

Target Audience: High School
Antigone: A Case Study for an Integrated Cross-Curricular Theatre Program
- This presentation explores the cross-curricular collaboration of Yongsan International School of Seoul throughout the 2015 Antigone production process as a case study for a four-year cross-curricular loop designed to integrate theatre with core subjects. The purpose of this presentation is to provide drama teachers a tangible method to elevate the profile of their programs as they assist colleagues and students in making meaningful connections across English, history, and other core subjects.

Biography: JL has a PhD in theater history and criticism and has presented at multiple international theatre conferences. Most recently she was a contributor to The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Theater, published in 2015. Her research focuses on Talchum, the Korean traditional masked dance-drama. She teaches theatre and AP history at Yongsan International School of Seoul.

Target Audience: K – 12
Growth Mindset: Leveraging the Learning Edge
- Is intelligence fixed? Can you make yourself smarter? More importantly, can your students make themselves smarter? Growth mindset says yes! Researcher Carol Dweck and others have shown that our beliefs about intelligence impact motivation and achievement. In this workshop, we will look at the core tenets of growth mindset, evaluate our own mindsets, see why mindset matters, and share ready-for-Monday strategies for building resilience, grit, joy, and freedom to learn in our students.

Biography: A recovering perfectionist, Angela completed her undergraduate degree at Arizona State University and went on to a terrible first year of teaching. She saw a clear need for a new mindset. After teaching multi-age classes with grades 1-3 near Seattle for five years and learning to fail well, she joined the staff of Faith Academy. She is always looking for ways to celebrate and develop a growth mindset in herself, students, and friends.

Target Audience: High School/ Middle School
Enhancing Critical Analysis in and through the Art Program
- Teaching critical analysis is vital to teaching art, but also vital to developing informed citizens. This workshop will explore an approach to teaching students to think critically about art. Tools for students and teachers will be explored, and “Art-o-matic,” a digital analysis tool, will be introduced. Student examples will be given and how all this might apply to various curricula will be discussed.

Biography: Brian teaches high school at the International School of Beijing. He has written about, and presented workshops on developing critical analysis skills in students for the IB Journal of Teaching Practice, and for ARARTE and EARCOS conferences. He is the creator of the IB art history channel and maintains the art education website “Occasionally you can see the mountains clearly.”

Target Audience: All
Drum Circle!
- Bring your rhythmic spirit and get ready to play! This fun, interactive workshop will consist of a drum circle facilitated by the presenter followed by an introduction into how to begin facilitating drum circles in your school and community. Basic facilitator responsibilities and techniques will be covered and demonstrated. Participants will leave with an experience of a drum circle and knowledge of how to take the next steps in building facilitation skills.

Biography: Martin is in his 12th year teaching K-5 music and world music drumming at Taipei American School. He is a professional drummer and drum circle facilitator who has a passion for bringing people together through music. Martin has previously taught in California, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, and India.

Target Audience: Elementary School
Let the Words Dance Out Of Your Mouth
- Building phonological awareness through music. Through a song, teachers will learn strategies for teaching reading, scaffolding language for EAL learners, foreign language, physical education, and music to elementary students. This workshop is probably best suited to teachers of younger grades, EAL, foreign language, and reading. Designed for ES music teachers, early childhood through first grade classroom teachers, EAL/ESL/ELL specialists, and teachers of second language students.

Biography: Stephen has taught elementary music and choir at Saigon South International School since 2009. He holds a master’s degree in music education from the University of Oregon and has completed levels training in Kodaly and Orff pedagogies. Before moving to Vietnam, Stephen worked for eight years in the public schools of Eugene, Oregon.

Target Audience: All levels
Swing Dance for Physical Education and Dance Class
- Do you want to try swing dancing? Come on in and learn some cool moves and rhythm involved in swing dance! It’s a great way to get a nice exercise and is also a great stress reliever! You do not need any dance experience to join my class! Come and have a great time!

Biography: Shin teaches MS PE at Shanghai American School. Prior to teaching in Shanghai, he taught PE at Sunnyvale Middle School in California. Shin is a graduate of Syracuse (NY) University with a BS in physical education. He grew up in Osaka, Japan, and Ramsey, NJ. In addition to teaching, Shin has years of experience coaching basketball, track and field, and volleyball. In his spare time, he enjoys aikido, skiing, and travelling around the world.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Engaging Students in Musical Composition Using Free Applications and a New Perspective on Stop Motion Video
- This session will present a cross curricular project that integrates math, film, visual arts, and music. It can also be modified to suit many other disciplines and applications.

Biography: Stephen is a MS orchestra and general music teacher at Shanghai American School. He is also an Apple Distinguished Educator. He fuses his love and passion of music, technology and composition wherever he can.


Advising International Student Athletes on the NCAA (U.S.) - The workshop will give a basic understanding of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). We will cover some best practices for advising international student athletes as it relates to the NCAA timeline. We will also take a brief look at the NCAA Eligibility Center, the role of the NCAA coordinator and what your high school can do to help students prepare for the transition to collegiate sports. It is assumed participants will have minimal knowledge regarding the NCAA and advising student-athletes.

Biography: Doug is from Toronto, Canadam and is currently in his sixth year as a high school counselor at International School Manila. He is also the NCAA coordinator at his school. Doug coaches the varsity girls’ basketball team at ISM and occasionally runs a 5K. He is married with one son, who is currently a junior at ISM.

The Metaphoric Life Road Map: Visualization of College Goal Setting - After struggling in my college preparatory classes to help students set college goals, I resolved to create a non-threatening, pro-ESL activity that allowed students to discover their life goals. By combining narrative pre-writing activities with a varied take on a Frayer Model, the framework of a goal setting vehicle emerged. The detailing plunged students into production of a hands-on, inner child releasing artistic metaphor. My students had drawn their future. Session attendees will experience their own metaphoric life road map.

Biography: Lee taught in his hometown, Houston, Texas, for 12 years. He has taught theater, English, social studies, AP psychology and AVID/college path. He has also taught for seven years as an adjunct psychology professor at Lone Star Community College. This summer, he joined the International School of Tianjin as a college counselor, TOK teacher, and ELL support. He has published poems, essays, short stories, columns, and articles. He believes that teaching is an art form and that being a student is a thing of incurable wonder and beauty. His wife joined him as a teacher at IST and they have three young daughters, Persephone, Kitsune, and Tzara.


Printing on Clay – Practical Techniques and Tips - Learn how to create interesting printed ceramic surfaces using familiar printing techniques with a ceramic-twist: stencils and resists, mono-printing, and photocopy transfer printing. Printed ceramics have a rich history and offer opportunities to introduce text, historical references, found images, narratives, and memories into a work. This workshop will introduce the basic tools, materials, and techniques, and provide an opportunity to create a printed tile using a variety of these techniques.

Biography: Zoe is a graduate of RMIT, Australia (co-presented by the Hong Kong Art School) with a BA in fine art, majoring in ceramics. She has used these techniques successfully in the classroom with GCSE/MYP and IBDP classes, both in Hong Kong and the UK. Her own work explores the patterns and shapes of the city, and incorporates printed ceramic surfaces (www.zoecoughlan.com).

Enticing College Representatives to your Campus - Hosting university representatives on your campus is invaluable to your school community and wonderful professional development as a counselor. This session will explore various ways to entice universities to your campus and how to make their visit to your region more productive. The SSIS University Visit Google Doc will be used as an example of what information many university representatives have found useful before and during a visit to Ho Chi Minh City. Participants will be given the time to work on creating their own outreach document. To make this session more productive please bring a laptop.

Biography: Kris is a Nationally Certified school counselor and earned her master’s degree in counseling from Prescott College in 2009. She began her journey in education in 2005 at a small private school in Portland, Oregon, where she served as the assistant program director. Her love for travel and adventure led her abroad where she has worked for seven years as a high school counselor at the Carol Morgan School in the Dominican Republic and currently at Saigon South International School in Vietnam. Erin began counseling in 2004, after receiving her degree in psychology and masters in educational counseling from The University of California. She has worked as a personal social and college counselor in Sacramento and San Francisco. After eight years of working in public education, she and her family moved overseas to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Erin works as one of two high school counselors/college guidance at the Saigon South International School and loves the convergence of chaos, noise, food, and people that add up to the multitude of interminable interactions, which make life in Vietnam so enjoyable.

It’s Your Choice: Helping Students Develop Healthy Habits - The workshop will include activities that ES and MS counselors (or teachers) can use to promote healthy food choices by students during the school day, research on the importance of healthy choices, and simple changes that can transform school food service from acceptable to awesome. Information is based on worldwide research of children and how their dietary habits can impact learning.

Biography: Clare has been an international teacher for 12 years and is currently working and living in Bangkok. Prior to earning teaching credentials, she was a registered dietitian in the United Stated for over 15 years. Her doctoral research blended her two passions—the examination of school day eating habits of middle school students and how it impacted their achievement.

Advisory: Show, Don’t Tell — Seven Factors for a Successful Program - Cognitive skills continue to trump non-cognitive skills, but imagine if teaching to the test meant teaching students the skills they need to lead more meaningful lives? An effective advisory does this, but you can’t just tell students; you have to show them. This workshop will model how to use a consistent structure to enhance the advisory experience and seven success factors to keep it sustainable.

Biography: Sue is a grade nine counselor at the Singapore American School and a co-coordinator for the SAS high school advisory program. She is currently completing her seventh year at SAS. Before coming to SAS, Sue was a counselor at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, and at both the International School of Bangalore and the American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is a member of the American School Counselor Association and the National and International Association for College Admission Counseling. A Canadian citizen, Sue spent part of her childhood living in Africa, Australia, and the United Kingdom. She holds two masters degrees in teaching and educational counseling. She loves to run, bike, and swim and she is the mother of two SAS graduates and a grade six SAS student.


Thinking Outside the Box: Working with Loss in International Schools - Through this workshop we will present the experience of grief and loss for third culture kids and the different whole school initiatives implemented to support Mariella and Shellee’s students. We will also look at how these initiatives, in conjunction with personal counseling sessions, fit in with addressing the different stages of loss in an international school setting.

Biography: Mariella is head of counseling at Garden International School who trained and worked in Honduras and Spain in psychology and systemic family therapy. Her areas of interest are systemic thinking and international schools as safe communities. Shellee is a counselor at Garden International School. She is an art psychotherapist and trauma specialist who trained and worked in Canada and the United Kingdom. Her areas of interest include trauma, loss, and the TCK experience.

Gloom and Doom: Teens and the Neuroscience of Anxiety - It is perfectly normal for teens to feel stressed from time to time, but when stress is chronic and prolonged, anxiety may result. This workshop will address the latest research in the neuroscience of teen anxiety with attention to our students’ various cultural backgrounds.

Biography: Rhonda has served in a variety of roles in secondary and tertiary education. As a college professor, she has taught courses in family, developmental ssychology, education, sexuality, religion, inequality, and research methods and uses that knowledge in her current role as university counselor at the Surabaya Intercultural School. She has also taught IB courses, served as an IBDP coordinator, and created a university counseling programs in two international schools.

The Sing-Along Assembly 101 - A veteran leader of 38 sing-along assemblies shares how to plan and lead all school and large group sing-along gatherings. Learn how to build community through fun and active group sing-alongs with no preparation of students required. Selection of material, resources, on-stage leadership, and planning considerations will all be covered and sample programs shared.



Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Using Student Leadership and Creativity to Create a Sustainable World
- This interactive workshop will explore the use of video, music, web design, smart device Apps, and graphic design for non-experts in the development of community service projects. The workshop presenter will share challenges and successes to developing a successful school-wide sustainability project. Participants will be asked to share and problem-solve projects they are working on. Groups based around the five topics will share their insights at the conclusion of the workshop.

Biography: Dr. Baldwin has presented at education conferences in the United States and internationally. He has published journal articles on topics from standardized testing, inquiry instruction, to science education. He has experience as a curriculum specialist, campus administrator, and science instructor. He has taught biology, chemistry, physics, AP science courses, education leadership, and pre-service science courses. Presently he is the curriculum coordinator and science teacher at the Dalian American International School in China.

Target Audience: All
Experiments and Explosions – Steampunk, Rag-bags, and Everything in Between
- This practical and interactive workshop will give innovative ideas and examples to assist practitioners in creating environments and routines that facilitate open inquiry in the visual arts. The goal is to support students and teachers as they grow in confidence, creativity, and the ability to express themselves with depth and intentionality. We will look at examples of an open art-room design, with classroom management strategies and easy to adapt art techniques and skills.

Biography: Hamish currently teaches primary art at United World College of South East Asia – East Campus (UWCSEA-East). As well as being a teacher, he has experience as an itinerate mural artist, sculptor, clown, storyteller, public speaker, pastor, and is a daddy of two and husband of one. He has hand-painted over 6000 m2 of original artwork both privately and commercially in New Zealand, Bali, Australia, and Singapore. His range of experience allows him to approach presentations with energy, humor, and contagious creativity.

Target Audience: All
Wall Climbing Fun and Engaging for All
- This workshop examines lots of fun warm up games for climbing that create interest and an enjoyable climate for learning. Some fun knots for life will be covered in the middle of the session. Please come prepared to climb in this session.

Biography: James has been teaching physical education at International School Manila for the past four years. Previously he was teaching in England as well as working in various outdoor education venues around the world.

Target Audience: K – 12
Handing Over the Roadmap: Fostering Student Ownership through Metacognitive Routines
- In this workshop, participants will reflect on Kate’s personal journey curating student ownership of learning through establishing metacognitive routines and developing neurological literacy. This endeavor started as a tangential inquiry into neurology during a 6th grade class, with a provocation of “Are our brains the same”? Their curiosity launched a classroom routine of reflecting on neuroplasticity and brain functioning, in which students support their own learning through knowledge and understanding of how their brains work, and how to take the driver’s seat.

Biography: Kate is a middle school science teacher and has taught in nursery, primary, and secondary schools. Other than science, she has an educational background in neuropsychology, literacy, and curriculum design. She is keenly focused on fostering student ownership, and supporting students as legitimate change-makers through actionable learning experiences.

Target Audience: Middle School
Devising Drama from Any Text
- This practical workshop will share and demonstrate strategies in how to bring a variety of texts to life. Participants will use these strategies to devise a group performance. Firstly, participants will interpret the text, and then build on this understanding to bring it to life on stage, which could be performed in the classroom, or as big as a school production. Materials to take away include an MYP unit plan, supporting literacy scaffolds, and more.

Biography: Megan teaches English and drama in the IB middle years program at Beijing City International School. Over the years, Megan has played a part in developing language acquisition skills across subject areas for English language learning students. Her goal is to look at effective ways to help students comprehend and positively engage with the literature used every day in classrooms.

Target Audience: K – 12
The Sociable iPad (Developing Educational iPad Apps)
- Divided into four components, the workshop will demonstrate apps for use in the music classroom that encourage social interaction (maths and LOTE may also be referenced). An overview of the process of app development will show the internals of an app. Ideas on using the iPad’s various capabilities will be demonstrated, and finally, instructions on building simple apps will complete the workshop. Simple app development ideas are suitable for teachers or students.

Biography: Mark is a teacher of music and information technology and has been developing apps for use in the music classroom for 18 months. Ten apps now exist under the developer name ‘Developing Musicianship’. Recently a math and Japanese LOTE game have been released, demonstrating the potential for educational app development. He has taught at Osaka International School since 2013.

Target Audience: All Grade Levels
Making Cooking Real Again - The Many Benefits of the Art of Cooking
- Participants first learn about the essential elements of making a Japanese bento box. A variety of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and other goodies will be provided. Participants will have 20 minutes to create a beautiful and unique bento box. Boxes will be judged and participants will discuss the challenges and the highlights of this culinary experience. Lastly, there will be a discussion of how and why cooking is an essential elective class for students of all ages.

Biography: Amy has been the cooking teacher at the Singapore American School since 2006 and a middle school educator for 30 years. She currently teaches 6th and 7th grade Cooking and Nutrition and 8th Grade International Cooking, offering two sessions of each class over the year in addition to two after-school sessions of Fun with Cooking catering to grades 3,4, and 5. She also guides adult classes for staff and expat helpers, and is a mentor to several high school clubs participating in cooking activities. She promotes a hands-on approach, balancing essential academics with culinary life skills.

Target Audience: Elementary School/ Middle School/ High School
Using Google Drive and Auto-crat to Create and Share Assessment
- Through Google Drive it is possible to report assessment to students quickly and efficiently using a combination of docs, sheets, and ‘add-ons’. If you are unfamiliar with Google Drive and ‘add-ons’, such as ‘auto-crat’, this is the perfect opportunity to gain an understanding of these highly powerful tools and develop tools for your own practice.

Biography: Ken is a physical education teacher from Western Canada. He currently works at Western Academy of Beijing where he teaches grade seven, but has previously taught in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Over the past five years at WAB, Ken has developed a range of teaching strategies using a variety of technology tools to help support student learning and improve teacher efficiency.

Target Audience: Grades 4 – 12
Social and Emotional Learning through Playback Theatre
- TThis workshop will put into question the role that 21st century morals and ethics has in your classroom. Workshop participants will be given practical demonstrations of the various forms of Playback Theatre and will be led through a concept of “checking in” where participants engage with each other and share a little of what is present in their life.

Biography: Adam is currently employed at The International School of Yangon, Myanmar. Being a drama educationalist since 2002, Adam has taught and presented in a variety of public and private institutions. Adam is an avid performer and devised works within the Sydney, Australia, metropolitan area. Adam most recently participated as an ensemble member for Sydney Playback Theatre. He has continued to devise works in his newly adopted home in Myanmar.

Target Audience: K – 12
Communicate, Collaborate, and Create
- This workshop is practical, verbal, and physical. We will play together with work, where everything is focused into the ‘thinking’ leading into the ‘doing’. The work asks, over and over in many different forms: ‘How can we communicate better? Collaborate better? Engage better? How can we do and be something better?’ The workshop provides exercises that can be applied straight into the classroom context.

Biography: It is all about ensemble. Over the year, this core truth consistently emerges as the driving force behind healthy group dynamics and whether the group plummets to disaster or climbs together to a mountaintop collaborative experience. Unpacking what it takes to develop healthy group dynamics in any classroom is where this workshop comes into play . . . through play! Carrie has been playing in the classroom her whole life, from Minnesota to Manila, and has just begun the journey.

Catherine Rankin is driven to create collaborative experince where students explore and create using Drama. Where they use not just wods but the visua images, movement and symbols, that create meaning. Play is at the heart of everythigng she does.

Target Audience: All
Interdisciplinary Visions
- This workshop will work with a range of visual, print, and film texts to interrogate the place and value of interdisciplinary teaching and learning within the arts/language arts in the high school environment. Interactive activities and sharing of previous successful interdisciplinary projects at a range of international schools will unfold around this core enquiry. Input from previous collaborators includes former head of visual arts, NIST, Val McCubbin (aide).

Biography: Joe teaches DP film, literature, and TOK. Former roles have included head of department English and TOK coordinator (NIST), where his innovative approach to curriculum design earned a commendation from the IB accreditation team. Joe is a passionate advocate for lifelong learning and recently completed an MFA in creative writing, his novel being long listed for The Bridport Prize. Joe has published work in academic and literary journals.

Target Audience: Elementary School
Student-Generated Children’s Musical Theater in Upper Elementary School
- From conception to production, a guide to leading your upper elementary school students through the process of putting on an original musical theater production. This workshop will include a “toolkit” of valuable organizational tools and resources for you to take away and use at your own school.

Biography: Marnie has been teaching music and dance internationally for 25 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in world arts and cultures (including a year of study in Accra, Ghana) and a master’s degree in elementary education. She has taught in Los Angeles, Prague, Manila, and Singapore, has directed dozens of productions, and guided hundreds of students in creating and producing original musical theater.

Target Audience: K – 12
Aspiring Administrators: Taking the Next Step toward Leadership
- Whether you are a classroom teacher, instructional coach, grade level coordinator, or teacher leader, there are very practical steps that you can take to move forward into an administrative role. In this workshop, we will explore topics such as: building a portfolio, finding a mentor, creating a positive online presence, strengthening relationships, and conceptualizing your own vision and beliefs. If you are interested in becoming an administrator, you can take that first step today!

Biography: Matt is the elementary assistant principal at Shekou International School. He has been in education for 16 years, 12 of which have been in international schools throughout Asia and South America. As an instructional leader who believes that schools need dedicated, talented educators who are willing to step into leadership roles, he is passionate about supporting teachers as they explore the possibility of moving forward into administrative positions.

Target Audience: Grades 6 – 12
Using Think-Aloud Protocol and “Tech”niques for the Performing Arts Classrooms
- The Think-Aloud protocol is an easy technique that can be used to enhance students’ learning and the teacher’s understanding of that learning in and out of the classroom. In this workshop, teachers, in small groups, will experience first-hand how to use the Think-Aloud protocol for the classroom. They will use exemplars provided by the presenter, and they will have the opportunity to discuss and work out ways they can adapt the protocol to suit their classroom environments for teaching and learning.

Biography: Betty is currently the head of fine arts at the American International School of Guangzhou. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she has worked overseas as a music educator for over 20 years. In her current job, she teaches middle and high school string orchestra and IB music. She has experience in teaching band, choir, and general music in K-12 classrooms.

Target Audience: All
Four Practical Production Lessons for Beginning Student Filmmakers
- The presentation aims to showcase four different filmmaking lessons to give beginning student filmmakers a solid foundation in basic filmmaking techniques. The practical lessons are modeled on essential techniques used by professional filmmakers. These lessons provide students with the necessary foundation for developing filmmaking skills. Topics include: how to properly film a conversation between two actors.

Biography: Robert is a professional filmmaker and educator. After graduating from the University of Miami (FL) Film School, he has worked as a film director and producer. He has directed films, television, music videos, and corporate videos; in addition, Robert has been the head of the film & TV production program at the American School of Bangkok for the last four years.

Target Audience: All
Gettin’ Wit Da Timez: Modernizing the Art Approach
- Looking at different ways to teach art that makes it interesting and relevant for teachers and students.

Target Audience: K – 12
21st Century Education through Video Games and Youtube
- This workshop intends to explore the modern phenomenon of sandbox video games and their potential use in the classroom. Youtube as a new platform for lesson delivery will also be discussed and presented from practical perspective.

Biography: Anton is a Canadian math teacher whose master’s degree in educational video games propelled him to explore video game and social media as a new venue for education. He teaches at Taejon Christian International School in South Korea and is currently running an educational Minecraft Club and an education through video games Youtube channel called What Da Math.

Target Audience: K – 12
Executive Function Skills
– A Core Cognitive Component in the Area of Personal, Social, and Academic Performance - The purpose of this workshop is to present educators with the theoretical background of the core cognitive component of development referred as executive function skills. This workshop addresses both mindset and tools and strategies that educators can implement in classroom as well as with parents’ involvement to help students with weak executive function skills develop autonomy and ownership in area of personal, social. and academic performance. Participants will develop an in- depth understanding of executive function skills and processes; and, just how executive function skills influence students to achieve success across grade levels, will be explored.

Biography: Camarin holds a bachelor’s in education and a master of arts in counseling from University of Guam. She also holds a degree in special needs from University of Northampton, U.K. As a counselor, she describes her approach as eclectic. With very young students, Camarin draws on bibliotherapy approach, which she describes as one of her major counseling assets. Her mission is to continue her project to present workshops to parents in the area of executive function skills. Her dream is to complete her book on identity formation of women in third world society.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
The PE Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Health
- In an international community, health education is often added as an afterthought or tasked to physical education teachers who do not have enough time to prepare. In this interactive workshop, participants will be provided with a toolkit of ready-to-go projects and lesson ideas that are current and relevant to the unique needs of the international student. Please bring your laptop!

Biography: Amy teaches middle school health at Shanghai American School and has a passion for curriculum that is current, relevant, adaptable, and shared. She has presented at EARCOS, as well as the AAHPERD and SHAPE America national conventions, and writes a weekly column for Choices, Scholastic’s health magazine for teens. You can find her online at thehealthteacher.com and on Twitter @teaching_health.

Target Audience: All
Peace Flags in the Wind
- Peace Flags in the Wind is an international traveling art installation that uses that universal language of the arts, as a catalyst to bring peace, happiness, and oneness into the world. Workshops attendees will experience the exhibit hands on and create a peace flag on fabric. Participants will view award-winning videos and documentaries that show the grassroots journey of the art installation. From an art class in Miami to the 10,000 people who joined the exhibit, to a plethora of installations at respected museums across the globe. Mr. Vasile is also producing a bilingual book, illustrated and written by his students at Yangon International School, that will be given to orphans.

Biography: Mr. Vasile is an internationally published artist and founder of Peace Flags in the Wind. His one-man vision of peace, one flag at a time started in a socioeconomically challenged classroom in Miami, Florida. His concepts have reached and inspired hundreds of thousands of people across six continents. Mr. Vasile is a three-time teacher of the year nominee and finalist in Miami. He has been honored by 12 U.S. states that granted him a proclamation naming the day after him and his project. Mr. Vasile is currently the fine arts instructor at Yangon International School.

Target Audience: Middle School/ High School
Addressing Community and Global Issues through Show Choir Productions
- How can school productions be a vehicle for student character development and community service? Learn how your music department can raise awareness and promote action to address community needs and global issues. Using examples from previous shows, the workshop will give you a template for planning a production that can educate and inspire your school community to honestly present issues such as human trafficking, poverty, and family relationships.

Biography: Juniata has lived in Asia since 1978 and has been teaching in Hong Kong since 1992. She teaches choral music (children’s choir, middle school and high school choir and show choir) at International Christian School, where she is the Fine and Performing Arts Department Chair. She has directed the ICS Show Choir since its inception in 2008.



Sandplay Therapy: A Therapeutic Intervention for Students Who Don’t Want to Talk and for Counselors, Short on Time - Are you looking for a more efficient and creative way to understand and support your students? Come and learn Sandplay Therapy techniques! After 25 combined years of practicing therapy, Amanda and Jenny brought Sandplay to their school’s counseling department, and it has infused a new energy into their program. This technique crosses cultures, bringing healing and solutions to a wide range of difficulties encountered by children of all ages. Be prepared to observe Sandplay in action and engage in thoughtful discussions of the technique with colleagues in our field!

Biography: Jenny is a licensed professional counselor for the state of Pennsylvania. She has experience working with children in individual and family therapy. She has also worked with elementary students in Kuwait and is currently a social/emotional counselor in the middle school at Concordia International School Shanghai. (Fun fact: Jenny loves to go on safaris in search of wild animals.) Amanda is a licensed school/community counselor for the state of Indiana. She has worked in private practice in the United States and in Vietnam. She is currently a social/emotional counselor in the middle school at Concordia International School Shanghai. (Fun fact: In her spare time, Amanda enjoys collecting seashells on the beaches of South East Asia.)

Challenging Negative Thought Patterns - This presentation will provide insight into common negative thought processes and patterns that individuals fall back on when faced with anxiety, stress, and depression. Strategies and tools will be provided on how to challenge and replace them with healthier perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Biography: Kira recently transitioned from humanitarian aid to counseling because of her desire to support in preparing the next generation of global citizens, parents, workers, and leaders through offering support, guidance, and opportunities during adolescence. She will graduate from the University of Massachusetts Boston with an MEd in school counseling and a National Counselor Certification in May 2016.

How Inquiry-Based Learning Promotes Student Self-Authorship, “Investigating the Provocative Moment” - The objective of this workshop is to help participants assist students in an inquiry-based learning environment, to develop their internal voice and meet the challenges of adult life. The workshop outlines how students move through different phases toward self-authorship. It defines the “Crossroads” and its relationship to the “Provocative Moment”, and discusses ways participants can identify, embrace, and utilize the “Provocative Moment” to help students self-author. Finally, the workshop offers “Three Core Principles” for educational practice that help create student self-authorship.

Biography: Noel has seven years as an international school counsellor. His undergraduate studies were in community psychology and his graduate studies in social work. He has certificates in addiction studies, special needs support, and is an American School Counselor Association (ASCA) certified bullying prevention specialist. In the past 27 years he has worked with New York City public schools, The NYC Administration of Children’s Services, NYC Family Court, NYC Department of Juvenile Justice, and the NYC Mayor’s Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator.

You Have to See these Documentaries! - How can we use documentaries to enhance learning beyond the film class? Do documentaries tell the truth? What can a visually literate student discern from viewing a documentary? This presentation will examine the ways documentaries aim to convince the audience. We will view clips from a wide variety of documentary films and will include several practical activities that can be used in the high school and middle school classroom.