Job Alikes FOR ETC2018


Job-Alikes offer opportunities for peers similar roles or interest from different schools to meet, to discuss common challenges and support each other. 

Literacy/ Reading

Chris Culver
, Berkeley International School
Mr. Chris Culver, currently an English teacher at Berkeley International School, has multiple years of experience teaching reading/literacy at the secondary level. In addition to his teaching, he has been featured on the Oklahoma State Department website for exceptional teaching strategies, and presented professional development at several conferences, such as Innovative Learning Institute, Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English Conference, K20 Conference, and Oklahoma Association for Bilingual Education conference, providing insight on close reading strategies and helping students make real world connections to their text.

Early Childhood
Nickie Foley, International School Manila

I have been teaching ages 2-10 for 20 years, most recently at ISM in Manila, Philippines. I hold a Masters in Childhood Development. I have taught in Early Years programs in Zambia, Brazil, Michigan, Paraguay and New York State. I am passionate about learning through teaching and enjoy Yoga, swimming and singing outside of the classroom. I am a proud mother of two middle schoolers.

Special Needs

Jodi Vigil, Surabaya Intercultural School

"Jodi Vigil obtained her BA in History from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado and her teaching license from the Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. Jodi is finishing her Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis through the University of Northern Colorado. She is currently working at Surabaya Intercultural School in Surabaya, Indonesia as a Special Education Specialist."

Modern Languages

Yumiko Guelcher, The American School in Japan

Yumiko Guelcher is in her fourth year teaching Japanese language classes at the elementary school level at the American School in Japan. Before that, she taught in public schools in both Iowa, USA and Toyama, Japan. She is currently finishing a second Master’s Degree in Japanese Pedagogy from Columbia University.

ES Counseling

Camarin Sachdev, Wells International School

Camarin is a school counselor and a special education need consultant. Her passion lies in initiating guidance programs addressing personal, social, and academic growth. In recent years, she has developed great interest in outreaching to teachers and parents to understand the importance of working memory. Camarin presented numerous parents presentations and professional development at school and at EARCOS too. Beside that she also does individual sessions with young learners that might be struggling in the area of working memory to enhance executive functioning skills.

MS Counseling

Roseana Richards, Brent International School Manila

"Roseana Richards worked as a Guidance Vocational Rehabilitation Guidance Counselor & Family Inclusion State Employee in the United States for people with life struggles and disabilities. For the last five years, she has worked overseas working as an Upper School Counselor/ College Placement and Middle School Counselor. Growing up in South America and later moving to the United States, Caribbean, and Philippines, Roseana has extensive experience dealing with cultural awareness, and helping ESL students face challenges from different perspectives."

HS Counseling

Cara Tebo and Sommer Blohm, International School of Beijing

Cara Tebo: Originally from Seattle, WA USA, Cara earned her Masters in School Counseling in 2005 and has worked at the International School of Beijing for almost 13 years. A highlight of her job is being a Peer Helper co-advisor, where she helped to develop the program from scratch. She gets energized by helping others and her role as a student advocate. She values relationships and connections with others, living mindfully and with balance.
Sommer Blohm: After earning her Master’s in Professional School Counseling in 2005, Sommer Blohm moved overseas to work as a high school counselor in Kuwait and then Egypt before landing at the International School of Beijing, where she is also a co-advisor of the Peer Helpers program. Sommer is passionate about her role as a student advocate and aspires to help all students find their voice, feel connected, and grow in their capacity to find balance and discover meaning in their lives.


Kathleen Nickle, The American School in Japan

Kathleen Nickle heads the English Language Learning program in the middle school at The American School in Japan. She has previously worked at Toyo University in Tokyo and as a classroom teacher in Taipei, Taiwan. She completed her MEd program at the University of Alberta, and has research interests in grammar, differentiated instruction, writing feedback and assessment.

( Grade 6-12 ) Technology

Wes Przybylski, The American School in Japan

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts I have always wanted to be a teacher. After college, my passion for travel and culture sprung my into the international school scene. After teaching mathematics from grades 6-12, I became technology coach. In recent years, Wes lives in Tokyo Japan and works at the American School in Japan as the middle school Innovation Coach.

Pre-K - Grade 2 (Primary)

Mary Newbigin, United World College of South East Asia

Mary Newbigin has worked in International schools for the past 20 years and is now enjoying life in Singapore teaching Grade 1 at United World College. Mary led last year’s job-a-like, facilitating discussions about classroom environments, digital literacy, and Reggio Emilia inspired classrooms.

Child Protection

Chad Beegle, Berkeley International School

Chad currently works as Director of Primary Arts at Berkeley International School, Bangkok. He has held various roles including Assistant Director of After-school Programming in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Head of Arts / Site Coordinator in Camden, New Jersey. Chad is committed to child-centered education and ensuring schools provide safe and supportive learning environments for all our children.

SENIA Teacher Representative

Kathryn Balsamo, The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Kathryn Balsamo is the Speech Language Pathologist at The International School of Kuala Lumpur. She has worked at ISKL for 7 years. Before that, Kathryn worked in the United States in the US public school system. She has a Bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology from Loyola College and a Masters of Science in Education - Communication Disorders from the College of St. Rose. Regionally, Kathryn serves on the Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA) Board as the current Chairperson and is one of the founding board members of a local SENIA chapter in Malaysia, SENIM.

SENIA Local Chapter Representative

Karli Koning, Singapore American School

Karli Koning is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Masters in Education. She has worked collaboratively with schools and families who have children who display behavioral challenges. Her area of expertise is creating programs for students with behavioral needs , training staff, and aiding as a consultant for school-wide programming. She has a wide experience of working with all kinds of needs, including emotional and behavioral disorders, anxiety, and autism.

Media Technology

Christopher Bell, International School Bangkok

Christopher Bell has been a Technology Director, Technology Coordinator, Librarian, and much more. He enjoys the finer points of research as well as teaching students to research. He currently works at the International School of Bangkok. He feels that the meshing of technology and libraries is a natural progression and inherently lends itself to providing students a set of skills that will serve them throughout their lives.


Dianne McKenzie, School Librarian Connection
Dianne McKenzie is a passionate educator and teacher librarian who strives to make professional learning meaningful and thought provoking. She was a teacher librarian for over 15 years in Hong Kong and is now a full time professional development provider for teachers and librarians globally. She is an experienced IB workshop leader and site visitor and has presented at a number of conferences and seminars worldwide. As moderator of the International School Library connection Facebook page and through her blog, Library grits, she mentors and learns from Educators worldwide. An avid scuba diver, cyclist and photographer, she attempts to connect these passions, however She has yet to overcome the challenges of cycling underwater while diving and taking photographs simultaneously.





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