Welcome to 49th Annual EARCOS Leadership Conference 2017

The East Asia Regional Council of Schools is excited to invite you and your administrative staff as delegates at the 49th annual EARCOS Leadership Conference (ELC2017) in Bangkok, Thailand scheduled for October 26-28, 2017. We have a host of excellent keynote speakers and workshop presenters. Our Keynoters are: SIMON BREAKSPEAR and PETER DALGLISH.

Theme: “Leading and Learning: A Journey of Hope and Joy”.

Please navigate through our website to view the list of speakers and their presentation topics along with titles and descriptions. This will be updated weekly to maintain the most current information about the presentations. Please use the menu bar above and side bar for additional information on the conference.

We think the conference will prove to be professionally stimulating and will provide you with an opportunity for networking and building camaraderie.


Governance Workshops

Announcement For Heads and Boards
Heads of EARCOS Schools make note on your calendars of the following Governance workshops. >> DOWNLOAD FLYER

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Leadership Training Courses (LTC)

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association comes to EARCOS Leadership Conference (ELC) 2017.

Leadership Training Courses (LTC)
October 26
: Leadership Training Course 707 & 504 (CAA Course)
October 27: Leadership Training Course 506 (CAA Course)
October 28: Leadership Training Course 617

Register Now !!!

1. Must be registered to attend the EARCOS Leadership Conference (ELC) 2017.
2. Must sign-up on the google form (click here) or by email to Catherine Tangco-Ong (cong@brent.edu.ph).
3. Membership to the NIAAA is highly recommended. Materials fee per LTC is US$70.00.

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Golf Tournament


For more information or questions about the tournament, contact TODD PARHAM at toddp@rism.ac.th or CATHERINE ONG at cong@brent.edu.ph





For more information

If you have any questions, please contact the EARCOS office or email Vitz Baltero, ELC Coordinator at vitzb@earcos.org

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