ET Journal Winter Issue 2019

The ET Journal is a triannual publication of the East Asia Regional Council of Schools(EARCOS), a nonprofit 501(C)3, incorporated in the state of Delaware, USA, with a regional office in Manila, Philippines.

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EARCOS Leadership Mentoring 2020 update

During the recent ELC 2019 Dr. Chris Jansen conducted a pre-conference workshop designed to examine the current EARCOS Leadership Mentoring program(ELM), with an eye to streamlining the program. Twenty participants engaged in activities and discussion around the positives and negatives of the existing program.  The resulting suggestions are being incorporated into a revamped process with less focus on the training modules, which seemed to create a time burden on those interested in participating in the program. 

The revised EARCOS Leadership Mentoring(ELM) program is now open to those in leadership positions such as heads of school, principals, learning leaders, etc. wishing to become a mentor, be mentored, or to develop a peer-to-peer mentoring relationship. Details of the programme can be found in the revised ELM Handbook. (

Those interested in being involved in the program as mentors or mentees are invited to complete the registration and preference ELM questionnaire.  Please register your interest by February 1st 2020. (

Any queries please contact Bill Oldread or Chris Jansen