Weekend Workshop Hosting Guidelines

Revised February 17, 2021

One of the services EARCOS provides to its member schools throughout the year is the sponsorship of two-day workshops and institutes for faculty and administration. The topics for these workshops are determined according to the needs of members. EARCOS schools host these workshops. The following guidelines have been established to provide uniformity and eliminate misunderstandings.

Participants in the workshops SHOULD be from EARCOS member schools. Non-EARCOS school educators may attend ONLY if there is space available FIVE DAYS before the commencement of the workshop for a $100.00 additional fee per person, paid with a check drawn on a US bank made payable to EARCOS. The host school coordinator is responsible for collecting this $100.00 and settling this account with the EARCOS office.

1. A member school that wishes to host an EARCOS weekend workshop (institute) will first contact the consultant that it has chosen to discuss the possibility of his/her coming to the school and to select a date or possible dates. If the school has a subject in mind, but does not know a consultant, it may contact the EARCOS office for suggestions or consult the list of EARCOS recommended practitioners on the EARCOS website. Once it has been established that the consultant will be available for a weekend workshop, the school should submit the “EARCOS Weekend Workshop Grant Request Form” to the EARCOS office by the deadline shown on the form, usually April 1, 2021. The grant request form should be filled out completely with the name and address of the presenter, the actual or estimated honorarium, per diem, and airfare.

2. EARCOS will review the grant requests, and determine the maximum amount allowable for the grant. ($3,500 is the maximum grant for in-person and $2,000 maximum grant for virtual workshops) “The intent of the grant is for a school to bring in an outside presenter or facilitator who would not normally be available to their community. EARCOS will not provide funds for a school’s own employee to provide an EARCOS professional learning weekend at their own school." After a grant request has been approved, the host school will contract directly with the consultant (presenter). The host school is responsible for airfare, hotel accommodations (room cost only), per diem for meals and incidentals, and honorarium. The host school will write a letter of agreement with the consultant and send a copy of the signed letter of agreement to the EARCOS office. (A sample letter of agreement is attached.) The per diem (between $50.00 and $80.00 depending on the city) will be advanced to the consultant before he/she departs his/her home if desired or, airfare, per diem, and honorarium will be paid to the consultant at the completion of the institute.

3. The host school will designate a member of its staff to serve as the coordinator, who will handle all logistics for the institute. EARLY IN THE PLANNING PROCESS, COORDINATORS FOR SCHOOLS WISHING TO OFFER COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY CREDIT SHOULD SOURCE A COLLEGE/UNIVERISTY WILLING TO OFFER SUCH CREDIT AND COMPLETE THE REQUIRED APPLICATION PROCESS (See number nine below for more details). The designated coordinator should be prepared to facilitate registration, plan facilities arrangements, such as a meeting room (usually within the host school), and organize a daily schedule. including lunch and/or energy breaks. The coordinator should also provide other support for the consultant, including:

• arranging for consultant airport reception (preferably meeting them personally) and transportation to accommodations and return to airport after the workshop,
• organizing lodging for the duration of the consultant’s stay (either in a hotel, with faculty, or school apartment),
• arranging transportation to and from the conference venue and other times during the consultant’s stay,
• registering workshop participants,
• introducing the consultant at the opening of the weekend workshop,
• remaining available to the consultant and participants during the workshop (preferably attending entirety of the workshop)

4. The coordinator will communicate directly with the consultant regarding specific titles, equipment needed, copying of materials, etc.

5. Each institute will be limited to 45-50 participants (more if a higher number has been approved by the presenter IN ADVANCE). The first 25-30 spaces are reserved for the host school. If there is space available three full days before the commencement date, additional participants from the host school may fill these seats.

6. The host school will provide use of their school facilities at no cost. The coordinator’s time and any secretarial time shall also be provided free of charge.

7. The host school may charge a small registration fee ($75-$100 is appropriate) for photocopying and/or communication costs, lunches, and energy breaks during the day. It is intended that this registration fee should cover only actual costs of the workshop materials and food, and not any of the cost for the consultant. All delegates, both from the host school and visiting EARCOS schools, should pay the same registration fee.

8. Cancellation - In the event that registration numbers for the workshops/institute are low and cancellation is being considered, please contact the earcos office to discuss available options.

9. The host school will be responsible for sending out announcements to EARCOS schools about the institute, biographical data about the presenter, and other details well in advance.


This communication will be sent to EARCOS schools in the immediate region, but it may be sent to all EARCOS schools if desired. A copy of this announcement should be sent earlier to EARCOS for approval before sending to schools. Do not send the announcement to non-EARCOS schools, and do not include any information in the announcement about registration fees for nonmembers. In case of inquiries from nonmember schools, please inform them that if there is still space five days before the workshop commences, they can participate for an additional $100.00. In addition, the host school should place a copy of this announcement on its own school's website and send the direct website address to EARCOS so that a link can be placed on the EARCOS website.

10. College/university credit for workshop participants may be secured from a partner university. However, this outcome, if chosen, is the responsibility of the host school. Your selected college/university partner will have specific requirements and a prescribed application process in order for you to offer workshops for university credit. The application must be filed with the college/university well in advance of the workshop. Colleges/universities do not grant retroactive approval for credit. Generally, an application must be filed six weeks before the workshop. Check with your chosen university for such requirements. Commonly, college/university partners require attendance Saturday from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM and Sunday from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM. The host school coordinator should seek the specifics from its university partner. EARCOS does not make arrangements for credit; this task is the responsibility of the host school. EARCOS will only advertise any credit option workshops with documented approval from the host schools’ chosen university.

11. The coordinator will be responsible for providing to the EARCOS office written evaluation forms for at least 90% of the participants. EARCOS can provide an evaluation form and sample certificate ready for download. (Download WW Packets)

12. At the conclusion of the institute, the coordinator must send to the EARCOS office a list of participants and the names of their schools. The coordinator must also send a check or checks for any non-member school participants. (Download WW Packets)

13. The coordinator will provide an article of 300 words or less and a picture or two (with captions explaining the photos and identifying individuals pictured) of the institute for the EARCOS Annual Weekend Workshops Report. This should be completed and sent to the EARCOS office within one week of the completion of the institute. Pictures should be in high resolution at 300dpi and sent as attachments along with the evaluation form.

14. The host school should send the “EARCOS Professional Learning Weekends Grant Final Report,” along with all the required documentation—airfare invoice, hotel bill, copy of honorarium check, etc.—to the EARCOS office as soon as possible after the workshop has been completed. EARCOS will reimburse the host school for actual expenses up to the maximum approved as soon as the “Final Report” and all other required supporting documents are received in the EARCOS office. In order to receive reimbursement for expenses related to an approved Weekend Workshop conducted during the 2021-2022 school year a final report must be submitted to the EARCOS office not later than June 1, 2022. (In order to receive reimbursement for expenses related to an approved Weekend Workshop conducted during the 2021-22 school year a final report must be submitted to the EARCOS office no later than June 1, 2022.)

For more information about EARCOS Professional Learning Weekends please email Edzel Drilo at edrilo@earcos.org